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Jason Statham & Kevin Hart Doing a Movie Together!

Yes, it’s finally happening. Kevin Hart and Jason Statham are working on a new movie together! A duo that we desperately needed in our movie screens. Apparently, this was years in the making. The two Hollywood stars were desperate to work together and finally figured a project to do.

You can sense the excitement that Kevin Hart has for this movie in his announcement:

couldn’t be more excited about my next movie…. @jasonstatham & I have been trying to figure out a movie to do together for years. I’m happy to say that we not only figured it out but we also knocked the idea out of the park. I can’t wait to start production man….This movie is going to deliver on so many levels…..Buckle up people!!!! #ManFromToronto#StathamAndHart.

I can’t wait to find out more about it! So, what are the clues that Kevin Hart and Jason Statham have left for us?

Well, their Instagram post just shows them laughing and enjoying working on a new project together. But Kevin Hart did add an interesting hashtag, “ManFromToronto”.

Could this be a reboot of the 1933 movie ‘The Man From Toronto’?

This was a Sinclair Hill romance movie starring Jessie Matthews and Ian Hunter. It was about a rich widow that pretends to be a maid. The twist here is that she ends up falling for employer Fergus, a rich Canadian bachelor. But both also have to figure out ways to protect their wealth! Wow, this seems like an interesting watch! How did I not know about this movie? Oh, I wasn’t born then.

Well, I am born now and as much as my logical senses are telling me that Jason Statham and Kevin Hart’s new movie won’t exactly be like this, I secretly hope it is. Kevin could play the rich widow Leslie while Jason can be the handsome single bachelor?

It’s just a mere coincidence that the name sounds familiar! It’s not a reboot guys.

So, what could be ‘Man From Toronto’ be about?

We have some elements of comedy because Kevin Hart is involved. Hart has diversified his acting skills and has recently appeared in action movies such as ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ and ‘Central Intelligence’. Moreover, mixing action and comedy is something that Jason Statham has mastered. Anytime you see him on the screen, you’re completely hooked.

Whether it be him driving incredibly fast in ‘The Transporter’ or cracking jokes in ‘Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels’, Jason Statham is an absolute delight. No wonder Kevin Hart wanted to work with him.

The plot of the movie revolves around a dangerous assassin (played by Jason Statham of course) and an average guy Teddy (played by Kevin Hart). The two get involved in a case of mistaken identities in a random Airbnb. One thing leads to another and now the two have to team up to protect the world from a serious threat.

Patrick Hughes serves as director, meanwhile, Robbie Foxx, Jason Blumenthal, Steven Tisch, Bill Bannerman, and Todd Black serve as screenwriters.