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Bryce Hall performs Fresh Outta London while drunk?

Some of you might know about Bryce Hall and other members of the Sway House. You might also be aware of the fact that these boys really like to stay in the spotlight. And Bryce Hall always leads the boys from the front headquarters. From making diss tracks to throwing huge parties, there is nothing which Bryce has left behind. Oh wait, we cannot forget his 21st birthday bash where there was a lot of stripper action going on. And Bryce even got in huge trouble for throwing such a big party during an ongoing pandemic. Bryce was even arrested for drug possession charges in May. And after that, he remained sober all the time except for this birthday. But news tabloid, The Hollywood Fix just shared a video on their YouTube channel in which Bryce seems a bit high.

Drunk Bryce Hall Spotted At Saddle Ranch?

I really don’t know what am I even seeing at the moment. I was really feeling sad after reading Bryce’s recent tweet about Addison. He was really ashamed of his actions. But now he is spotted out and about with his friends at Saddle Ranch. And he is clearly intoxicated with something.

One of the reporters from The Hollywood Fix ask him about his favorite liquor and best shot. Bryce’s reply on the other hand is really shocking.

“A blunt? Do you think I smoke weed? I just got arrested for that sh*t. I am kidding.”

Then one of the reports asks Bryce about his YouTube channel. And Bryce almost gave the same response as Jake when he was spotted with his friends at the same spot.

“YouTube can’t buy me, sh*t dude. I don’t make money off YouTube.”

And then he gives a shout out to Jake’s YouTube. I don’t know if you guys have watched Jake’s little chit chat with The Hollywood Fix. But he almost said the same things.

Bryce: “I love Jake dude. I used Jake’s new song in my recent YouTube video actually. Jake’s new music I am not gonna lie is hard as fu*k.”

And then Jaden Hossler jumps out of nowhere and start rapping to Jake’s Fresh Outta London with Josh Richards and Bryce. Some viewers even noticed Jake’s best friend ‘Jon Marianek’ walking side by side with Bryce and asking him to stay quiet. And in another video, Bryce admits that he is very drunk.

I am going to say this thing once again that Bryce’s situation was exactly like Jake’s. Here’s the video right here so that you guys can watch it.

Peace out!!