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Bryce Hall leaves Sway House to join Hype House

Bryce Hall joins Hype House and shocks everyone. After leaving Sway House, he joins the rival house and makes friends with his enemies.

In a dramatic turn of events, Bryce Hall joins Hype House. Earlier this week, he announced his departure from Sway House and said that he no longer has friends. With his departure, Sway House officially shut down. And now he has formed an alliance with the rival house, shocking everyone.

Since the beginning Hype House and Sway House have been mortal eneimes

Although both houses are best known for their drama, that was not the purpose of creating them. Sway House and Hype house were created for young TikTokers and social media influencers to showcase their talent. While Hype House had prominent names like D’Amelio sisters, Addison Rae and Chase Hudson, Sway boys included Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, and Jaden Hossler. Initially, all was well between the houses. But the drama started when Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson broke up. In order to call out Hudson, Bryce and Josh released a diss track called Still Softish. After that, Hudson called out Sway boys for cheating on their girlfriends. However, things really went downhill after Addison and Bryce’s drama started. Despite all of this, the news came out that Bryce Hall joins Hype House. But how did this happen?

sddefault Bryce Hall joins Hype House

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Before coming to the news that Bryce Hall joins Hype House, lets look at what happened with Sway House

Last week, Hall announced that he has left Sway House. At the same time, he shaded his ex-housemates in a video. He declared that he does not want to see any of them again. After that, Bryce Hall shared an update about his life and said that he is moving into a new home. Similarly, he said that he has no friends left and would love to meet new people. During that video, Bryce Hall joins Hype House news was kept a secret.

In a new YouTube video, it was revealed that Bryce Hall joins Hype House

Since last week, he has been revealing one shocking news after another. This time, Bryce Hall did something so unexpected that hardly anyone can believe it. After betraying Sway House and ending friendships with former housemates, he joined the rival house. In a YouTube video, he said:

So, as you guys know, I just recently moved out of the Sway House. I guess you could say I ended it. Sad times. But I did get a new place. I’m about to check it out now. It’s actually f**king sick. I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

While most assumed that he will give a tour of his new house, Hall stepped out of the car to be greeted by Thomas Petrou. At the same time, Hall said:

My worst nightmare is coming to life. This is the new crib. I actually started Sway House as the leader, and now I’m joining Hype House under Thomas. The tables have f**king turned. He’s just stealing Sway.

Bryce Hall joins Hype House

With this new move, Hall will have better and bigger opportunities. However, we have yet to see the reaction of Sway boys and Hall’s fans.

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