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Ben Barnes turns 40, announces his first EP "Songs For You"

Ben Barnes turns 40, announces his first EP “Songs For You”

Benjamin Thomas Barnes, known mostly as Ben Barnes, is celebrating his 40th birthday today. While it’s hard to digest the fact that he has entered his 40s already, the man himself does not look older at all. Ben is famous for his roles of Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia movie series, Billy Russo in The Punisher, and General Kirigan (Darkling) in Shadow and Bone series. As his birthday gift to his fans, Ben has also announced his first EP.

Ben Barnes & his musical career

Ben Barnes always had a thing for music. In his EP announcement, he confirmed that releasing music has always been one of his unfulfilled dreams. Ben is a great singer. And he proved his skills for a few of his movies by actively taking part in the soundtracks. These movies include Easy Virtue, Killing Bono, and Jackie & Ryan.

Since his EP is coming out soon, as a fan I’d love his songs featured in the upcoming seasons of Shadow and Bone. General Kirigan should do everything to woo Alina Starkov, don’t you think?

One of my biggest unfulfilled dreams has been to release my own music. Music has been my passion my whole life and after a few false starts 20 years ago, I decided not to pursue it as a career. But today, I am realizing that ambition and announcing the release of my own songs.

Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes confirmed that his first EP “Songs For You” will come out on October 15, 2021. Moreover, his first single 11:11 is also available for pre-order.

If you visit his Instagram handle, you’ll see many famous songs covered by him. You can enjoy his piano skills as well as amazing vocals.

40th birthday

Ben Barnes started teasing about an upcoming announcement a few days ago.

This teaser confirmed that he was going to announce something on his birthday. Ben has been working on his EP for quite some time now and the last 1.5 years have given him a perspective of how to spend his life moving on.

Ben Barnes has been dreaming of releasing his own music for the last 20 years. His dreams and our dreams are finally coming true now.

ben barnes Ben Barnes

Apart from his upcoming EP, Ben Barnes is continuing his role as General Kirigan/Darkling in Shadow and Bone season 2.