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Bill Gates Vaccine Initiative, Joe Rogan Reacts

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is conspiracy theorists’ favorite target at the moment. The most talked-about conspiracy being his link to Coronavirus creation and ultimately profiting from its vaccine. However, JRE‘s Joe Rogan thinks differently and doesn’t believe in the hoaxes surrounding Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation.

Joe Rogan on Bill Gates Vaccine Initiative

The interesting conversation between Joe Rogan and stand-up comedian Tim Dillon sheds light on whether Gates’ vaccine plan is any good or is it for his personal gains. Tim starts off the talk by sharing his concerns about Bill and Melinda’s attempt to eradicate viruses from the third-world countries.

So what do you think? Do you trust Bill Gates and Melinda? Those two are sticking a needle into anyting in the third-world.

The UFC commentator’s reaction was in favor of the two. Joe Rogan thinks that Microsoft founder turned philanthropist is not part of any controversy or conspiracy. He is just using his influence to help those in need.

What do you think his motive can be? First of all, Bill Gates net worth is $90 billion. He’s trying to to do good things with his money and trying to use it for philanthropy.

The most popular conspiracy theory aimed at the multi-billionaire philanthropist says that he created Coronavirus so he could sell the vaccine. Dillon thinks these vaccinations have adverse effects and also an attempt to control populations. However, Joe stood by his stance.

This f****ng crackpot conspiracy theories that Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ and he wants to get people inoculated with vaccinations and control them, makes no sense. He has everything, his net worth is $90 billion and he doesn’t really need anything. The billionaire is making no attempts to control markets or anything on those lines.

Rogan also acknowledged the fact that people have and to take advantage of their power and money. Bill Gates, however, is not one of them, according to him.

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