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Claire Holt Reveals her Baby’s Gender!

Claire Holt is pregnant. That’s right. The Originals show actress, Rebekah Mikaelson is about to have her second baby. She is pregnant during quarantine and she is staying safe, staying home. After she announced that she was pregnant, fans were all for congratulating the actress. Now, in a recent post, she hinted that she is about to know the gender of her baby. The Instagram post asks fans if she will have a boy or girl.

Fans were quick to make guesses.

Claire!!! I hope it’s a girl ❤️❤️❤️

Some comments wished health and happiness for the baby. They are not focused on choosing a gender to side on for Claire Holt.

Healthy and Happy. Whichever is a blessing.

One of them wrote a sweet wish but also chose a team.

Bouncing happy and healthy baby, no matter the gender. But if I were to choose: team girl 🎀

Others were just all for compliments for Claire Holt.

Beauty 💕 An angel either way 🙌🏻

In the next post, Claire posts a video of the baby’s gender reveal!

What is the gender of Claire Holt’s baby?

She is having a girl! Yep. As the balloon bursts, the pink confetti fills the room as Claire Holt and husband Andrew Joblon cheer in happiness. The slow-motion video is so adorable!

Claire Holt and her husband currently have a one-year-old baby boy, James Joblon. Their dog, Teddy Joblon is also a part of their little family. Now, it seems that Claire is about to have her picture-perfect family. With her baby boy, a girl on the way, her builder husband and their dog. Who hasn’t dreamed of having that family? It sounds like something you would see in the movies!

Claire Holt unfortunately already had a miscarriage before the birth of James Joblon. She suffered quite a lot at the time. But, it is so refreshing and amazing to see her live and grow with her dream family as she has her second baby. Maybe this Quarantine is actually good for her. She gets to stay at home and prepare for her baby. We cannot wait for her to have it!