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Bethany Joy Lenz Ensuring Her Daughter Knows Her Worth

Bethany Joy Lenz Ensuring Her Daughter Knows Her Worth

This International Women's Day, Bethany Joy Lenz has a very special and important message for her daughter, Maria Rose Galeotti.

This International Women’s Day, we saw people all over the world celebrating it. Similarly, Bethany Joy Lenz made sure to make it even more special for her daughter and teach her to value herself always.

While she is popular for her role in One Tree Hill, Bethany Joy Lenz started her career with commercials

Although she went to Los Angeles for a trip, it turned out to be a monumental one for Bethany Joy Lenz. She landed her first-ever professional job in a commercial for dolls. After that, she appeared in several more commercials like Eggo Waffles and Dr. Pepper. However, her first acting role in a horror film based on Stephen King’s novel, ‘Thinner’. After appearing in several other pilots, she became a series regular on ‘Guiding Lights’.

However, it was the role of Haley James Scott in One Tree Hill which gave her the due popularity

Created by Mark Schwahn, the show premiered in 2003. The story of One Tree Hill revolves around two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan, who compete with each other on every step in life. Bethany Joy Lenz played the girl-next-door, Haley James Scott who is Lucas’s best friend. Later, she marries Nathan and together, they face many ups and downs. According to Lenz, she could immediately relate to the character as she was the same in high school.

On International Women’s Day, she had a special message for her daughter

In an Instagram post, she said:

“Unclassy”, “Unladylike”, “Crass”… yeah yeah yeah. We’re not stooping to their level, we’re obliterating their level. “Grab em by the p**sy…”? Im so grateful to be an American woman with the freedom to publicly say NOT THIS P**SY with my daughter at my side. And yes I did explain to her what it meant. And yes she is a badass little girl who believes in her own worth and equality. I’m proud to be a woman who stands up for herself and her daughter!

She also shared pictures with her daughter, Maria Rise Galeotti, where they both seem excited to be a part of the march. Indeed, it is a very important lesson that every mother needs to teach their daughters.