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Best Dressed At The 2022 Met Gala

Met Gala 2022 was held on May 2nd at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The theme of this year’s biggest fashion event was ‘Gilded Glamour’ but unfortunately it was not quite followed. Fans impatiently waited for their favorite celebrities to show up displaying glamour and wealth at its finest. There was a huge layer of disappointment on Twitter with each dress. Yes, big celebrities attended the Met Gala but not with crowns and gowns but caps, monochrome suits and basic clothes. However, there are always some celebrities that never disappoint and display the real meaning behind the given theme. Here are the best celebrity dresses at Met Gala 2022.

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Blake Lively Best Dressed At Met Gala

‘Gossip Girl’ actress won the night with one of the most creative and on the theme dresses at Met Gala 2022. Blake Lively wore a beautiful gown that transformed into another color while she was walking on the stairs. She wore the dress made by Versace. Furthermore, she told that her dress was inspired by Grand Central and Statue of Liberty. The dress first appeared as brown/ copper and then changed to bluish green. The transformation occurred when the bow on the side opened. She was the best dressed of the night and hard to compete with.

A Stunning Gown Of A Reporter

Another dress that caught everyone’s attention was a gown that a beautiful reporter wore. Everyone had thought that it was a celebrity but it was Genesis Camilas, a Telemundo Reporter. This dress was the best one because it was on theme and it gave the Cinderella look everyone was waiting for. The glitter and the perfect bun made her look like a princess. Just what the theme asked. The dress was made by a NYC Designer named Lucia Rodriguez.

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Lizzo Best Dressed At Met Gala

Lizzo came to the event looking like the Queen she is. Everyone nodded in agreement that she understood the assignment. The popular singer wore the designer Thom Browne. The dress looked magnificent with delicate details neatly done. It is safe to say that she came to the event with an aim to display excellence.

Billie Eilish Understood The Assignment Once Again

‘Bury a Friend’ singer wore a corset to the Met Gala 2022. Her dress was custom Gucci and it looked absolutely perfect on her. She was one of the best dressed at Met Gala because she synced with the theme. There was a small train on one side and sleek and decent hairstyle to complete it.

Dove Cameron’s Brave Choice

Another creative yet simply beautiful dress was worn by Dove Cameron. She stole the night by showing off the creative mindset behind the dress which synced with theme as well. Her dress appeared as it was bones of the actual dress. It is made by the designer Iris Van Herpen.

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