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Best Christmas Movies On Hulu For You To Stream

Best Christmas Movies On Hulu For You To Stream

Even though we are only in August and Christmas is not coming any time soon, it is a holiday people love so much, that they would celebrate it all year round. However, since that is not possible, watching Christmas movies can help fill that void. There are many excellent Christmas movies available on Hulu to suit any holiday mood you may be in whether it is romance, family drama, dogs dressed as Santa Claus, and everything in between. Hence we are here to bring you a list of the best Christmas movies on Hulu that you can stream if you want to feel the Christmas spirit.

1. The Man Who Invented Christmas

The Man Who Invented Christmas is a 2017 holiday biographical comedy-drama film that was written and directed by Bharat Nalluri and Susan Coyne respectively. The joint Canadian-Irish production is based on Les Standiford’s 2008 book of the same name about Charles Dickens. It stars Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer, and Jonathan Pryce. The movie follows Dickens as he develops and writes his 1843 novella A Christmas Carol.

It further explores how in order to help him create the plot and characters for the famous story, he draws inspiration from his own experiences. The film stars Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer, and Jonathan Pryce in key roles. The man who invented Christmas is one of the best Christmas movies on Hulu.

2. Happiest Season

The 2020 American holiday romantic comedy-drama film, Happiest Season, is directed by Clea DuVall and based on a screenplay by DuVall and Mary Holland. According to DuVall, the movie is based on some of her own family experiences. The movie depicts a lady who struggles to tell her religious parents that she is a lesbian while she and her partner visit them during Christmas. Moreover, the ensemble cast includes Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and Mary Steenburgen. 

There have been conflicting opinions, particularly from members of the queer community who believed that the joyful pair might possibly be quite toxic and that the movie lacked diversity. This Christmas movie on Hulu can be worth the journey for you, especially because holiday rom-coms do not usually represent healthy relationships.

3. The Holiday

This romantic comedy deserves a watch just for the brilliant casting. Not to mention, that it is one of the best Christmas movies on Hulu with a hint of romance. The Holiday is written, produced, and directed by Nancy Meyers. It stars the extremely talented Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and Jack Black. Around the holidays, two ladies decide to exchange homes in an effort to escape their relationship problems and stress from their jobs.

The shift in the environment has more positive effects than just a fresh outlook. Amanda lives in LA and is fresh out of a relationship. She switches homes with Iris in Surrey, England who is dealing with her own love-related issues. But despite their shared desire for a peaceful Christmas alone, they quickly become involved with neighborhood guys. This is one of the top Christmas movies on Hulu.

4. No Sleep ’til Christmas

This 2018 Christmas movie on Hulu comes from the director Phil Traill, written by Traill alongside Steve Smith. It stars Odette Annable, Dave Annable, and Charles Michael Davis. Sleep is the only thing Lizzie and Billy desire for Christmas. After getting into an accident several years ago, these two insomniacs learned that the only way they can sleep soundly at night is if they share a bed.

The issue is that Lizzie is tying the knot soon with someone else and needs to get some rest in order to concentrate, which necessitates sleeping with, or at the very least, next to, another man.

5. Jingle All The Way

The 1996 holiday family comedy Jingle All the Way is a Brian Levant directorial. The film stars Sinbad and Arnold Schwarzenegger as two competing fathers. Schwarzenegger plays mattress salesperson Howard Langston and Sinbad plays mailman Myron Larabee, who are both frantically attempting to buy a Turbo-Man figurine for their respective boys on Christmas Eve. Jingle All the Way earned $129 million globally in its first year and received mostly unfavorable reviews from critics.

This movie marks Sinbad and Phil Hartman’s third and last time working together. It is also the final movie to feature Hartman before he passed away in 1998. Moreover, a sequel to the movie, Jingle All the Way 2, featuring Larry the Cable Guy, was released in 2014.

6. Pooka

Pooka was the third episode of the first season of an American horror web tv show series, Into the Dark. The episode features Nyasha Hatendi, Latarsha Rose, Jon Daly, Dale Dickey, and Jonny Berryman. Additionally, it was directed by Nacho Vigalondo from a screenplay by Gerald Olson. The film showcases the most popular toy of the holiday season, the Pooka.

It is promoted by having a struggling actor dress up in a soft outfit. But as he wears the suit longer, it gradually absorbs more and more of his individuality until it completely consumes him. A bit different than all the other Christmas movies on Hulu, this suspenseful holiday story is a Hulu Original.

7. A Very Brady Christmas

A Very Brady Christmas, a made-for-TV comedy-drama, reunited the original cast of the Brady Bunch, a sitcom that ran from 1969-1974. Moreover, the film is directed by Peter Baldwin and features Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, Ann B. Davis, Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland, and Jennifer Runyon.

With six children, the Brady family has it much harder to get the entire family all together for the holidays. Despite all of their personal problems, Marsha, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter, and Bobby, now adults, return home for the holidays in this Christmas movie.

8. A Christmas Movie Christmas

Anyone who likes the slightly corny nature of holiday movies will enjoy this Christmas movie. The film follows Eve and Lacy, two sisters, who are sick of spending the holidays alone and long for the kind of Christmas that is only depicted in holiday films. This leads to them waking up in the cliched town of Holiday Falls, where life is like a holiday romantic comedy.

A Christmas Movie Christmas is directed by Brian Herzlinger with a story written by Brant and Kimberly Daugherty. The film features both writers, Brian and Kimberly in lead roles. As well as Lana McKissack and Ryan Merriman alongside them.