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Vampire Academy Episode 9 Release Date

Vampire Academy Episode 9 Release Date

Well, fans of the dominion realm, you must be desperately waiting for the Vampire Academy episode 9 to come out. The latest episode’s cliffhanger was undoubtedly a surprise for many. Worry not, for we have all the answers to your questions! Here’s everything we know about Vampire Academy episode 9’s release date.

Vampire Academy Episode 9 Release Date

A recap of the last episode ‘The Trials’

A lot of stuff happened in the eighth episode of Vampire Academy, full of shocking twists and turns.

In the last episode, we saw Rose (Sisi Stringer) facing her inner battles as she struggles with not being Lissa’s guardian anymore. Their relationship is on very rocky grounds but Mason (Andrew Liner) convinces her to talk to Lissa so that they can find out more about the accident where Lissa’s family died. The two end up going on a memory walk, recalling the fateful night’s events.

Vasilisa ‘Lissa’ Dragomir (Daniela Nieves) discovers that it was Christian’s strigoi parents who were responsible for the accident that killed her family. Lissa tells her betrothed Christian Ozera (Andre Dae Kim) about her discovery which might put a strain on their future. We’re not sure if Lissa and Christian will end up getting married or not but the two do seem to have a special bond.

Meanwhile, Rose now knows for sure that Lissa brought her back to life and that’s why she’s shadow kissed. A bond linking Rose and Lissa together, but a dangerous one that would put Rose’s life in danger.

Rose’s romance with Dmitri (Kieron Moore) also comes dwindling down and comes to a momentous halt when they two fight against each other in one of the three trials that Tatiana (Anita-Joy Uwajeh) and Victor (J. August Richards) have to compete in to win the throne. Rose ends up winning and Dmitri finds comfort in Tatiana. Perhaps a bit too much for Rose and Dmitri shippers. Dmitri and Tatiana end up kissing (yikes).

We then see Rose and Mason decide to run away because Rose has had enough of the Dominion’s politics and injustice.

We definitely don’t blame her, especially since Lissa doesn’t want her as her guardian any more.

Elsewhere, we were happy to see Victor winning and becoming the new king but Tatiana had one final move up her sleeve. When it’s time for her to give her speech to congratulate the new king, she shows everyone the dark secret Victor was hiding about his daughter, Sonya (Jonetta Kaiser).

Sonya has turned full Strigoi and is trapped inside a glass cage and this is for all of the Dominion to see. Victor and his family are devastated to see what has come of Sonya, but only Victor knew something had gone wrong when Sonya had gone missing after killing a human. Sonya had been tapping into her darkness to heal Victor from a fatal injury.

What will happen in Vampire Academy Episode 9?

A lot of questions need answering in the coming episode of Vampire Academy. Fans were definitely sad to see Sonya become Strigoi as her presence was a very interesting one. Will Sonya ever turn back to normal or will she be killed? What about Tatiana, is she going to become the queen with Dmitri by her side as her Dhampir Guardian? Will Lissa and Christian get married? Will Rose leave the Dominion with Mason and leave everything behind? There are so many questions in our heads and we can’t wait to find the answers to them!

Let us know what your theories are about the new Vampire Academy episode 9. That is going to be released on October 20th, 2022. Stay tuned.