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Benedict Cumberbatch talks upcoming movie 'The Courier'

Benedict Cumberbatch talks upcoming movie ‘The Courier’

Benedict Cumberbatch is a 44 years old British actor born in London. He paved his way into the spotlight by his extraordinary performance as BBC’s Sherlock Holmes that started in 2010. In the years since he has presented his talent in a wide array of roles; many of which resulted in blockbuster movies and Oscar nominations. Star Trek into darkness (2013), Twelve years a slave (2013), The Hobbit series (2013, 2015), The Imitation Game (2014); Doctor Strange (2016), and The Avengers series (2017-2019) are some of his most known works. Now, Benedict Cumberbatch talks about his most recent release, the Courier with Asia Tatler. He has successfully carried on the legacy of his accomplished parents, Tim Carlton and Wanda Ventham; who won thousands of fans around the globe by their famous performances in popular television series; including Downton Abbey, UFO, and Only Fools and Horses.

The Courier featuring Benedict Cumberbatch finally releasing in the USA!

Before the pandemic hit, The Courier hit the screens in the United Kingdom. The movie narrates the real-life experiences of a British businessman; Greville Wynne, who is recruited to work with a Russian spy in the cold war era to neutralize the Soviet nuclear program; and spend eighteen months in prison after being caught during the operation. Although The Courier was unable to achieve the popularity of some of Benedict Cumberbatch’s previous work; the critics appreciated his performance as Greville Wynne in the movie. Now, the movie is set to release on the 16th of October across cinemas in the United States.

For Benedict; however; it was another experience to show his versatility as an actor. In his interview with the Hong Kong Tatler, he says that he enjoys all roles that his plays and the effort that goes into transforming into different characters. Even for “The Courier”, he had to take a break before the shoot to achieve the weight; required by Greville Wynne’s character.

For the role, he lost a striking amount of weight to transform himself into British businessman Greville Wynne; who spied on the Soviet Union during the Cold War and spent 18 months in a Moscow prison after being caught.

Rather unsurprisingly, Benedict Cumberbatch has this to say when the host asks about his favorite moment from the set of The Courier.

The last scene we shot because I got to eat a doughnut afterwards.

We hope to see this passionate actor on our screens again in his upcoming series “The Power of the Dog”.