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Ben Platt’s Gift to Zoey Deutch May Shock You

The Politician graced our Netflix screens this year and it resonated a lot of us out there. Sure, we don’t know have Ben Platt’s beautiful singing voice or his character (Payton Hobart)’s relentless ambition. Nor do we have Zoey Deutch’s sweetness that is apparent in her character, Infinity Jackson, as well. But it was definitely entertaining to watch. The two have great energy whenever they share a screen. The major reason behind that would be that they are actually good friends off-screen as well. In fact, Zoey Deutch’s main reason for being in the show was because she really wanted to do a project with Platt.

Recently, it was Zoey Deutch’s birthday on 10th November. And you would not believe the gift she got from Ben Platt.

Check it out for yourself:

The caption reads:

happy birthday @zoeydeutch my heart belongs to you and tbh our love transcends.

Yep, I do not know of a love like this but it sure seems sweet. In this adorable picture, we can see the two friends and co-stars share a kiss.

Wait, Are Zoey Deutch and Ben Platt Dating?

Even if the kiss seems pretty romantic, it doesn’t really mean it is. It’s easy to speculate they are in a relationship if everyone did not know that Ben Platt is openly and proudly gay.

As for Zoey Deutch, she is straight. The latest news of her dating life was back in July of this year where she was spotted with boyfriend Dylan Hales on a European vacation.

Perhaps, Ben Platt gave Zoey Deutch other gifts as well. But they sure do look cute together.

The Politician | What is it About?

The show focuses on Platt’s character, Payton Hobart, and his dreams of becoming the president of the United States of America. Season 1 of the show revolved around his high school year where he asked Deutch’s character Infinity Jackson to be her VP. It later turns out that Infinity Jackson has Manchussen by Proxy and things take a dramatic turn.

The Politician seems innocent at first and then it completely blows you away with its dark twist and turns. Season 2 is filming and it will come before the presidential election. Stay tuned for more updates!