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The Politician Season 2 Premieres Just Before US Presidential Election

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Ryan Murphy’s new endeavor, The Politician, has certainly earned its fair share of popularity. The show revolves around an ambitious high schooler Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) determined to be the president of his school and ultimately the country. Though, his journey is by no means an easy one. There is a lot Payton has to deal with: pain, heartbreak, love, frustration, drama, and hopelessness. However, the finale of The Politician’s 1st season laid the premise for an even more entertaining season 2.

What We Will Expect in The Politician Season 2

His old campaign managers and friends James (Theo Germaine), McAfee (Laura Dreyfuss), Alice (Julia Schlaepfer), Astrid (Lucy Boynton), Infinity (Zoey Deutch) and Skye (Rahne Jones) remind him of his goal of becoming the president. Though, the first step is running against Senator Dede Standish (Judith Light) for the Senate position. Although the fictional senator has been running unopposed in her district for a long while, that is about to change. That’s because she has a dark secret. And unfortunately for Dede, Astrid reveals that secret to Payton who feels like this gives a chance to actually run against her.

This sets the stage for a much more mature setting in the upcoming season compared to the high school setting we saw in the first season. The Politician season 2 is going to but nothing short of entertaining, dramatic and exciting. Much like the actual presidential election that is about to take place in 2020.

Coincidentally, or perhaps intentionally, The Politician season 2 release date is somewhere before the presidential election in 2020.

Ryan Murphy has confirmed with the L.A. Times:

We knew Season 2 would come out in the summer of 2020. And one of the things we were wanting to write about is this idea of age and experience and the status quo versus youth and the energy of a more progressive, younger candidate. You can see that with somebody like AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]. You can see the passing of the torch and the generational clash. We wanted to write to that.”

The production for season 2 has already commenced this October.

The Politician Cast and Crew Hopes To Invoke the Political Spirit in the Younger Audience

The whole cast of The Politician is hopeful that the show is going to have a positive impact on the fans, especially the younger generation, in time for the upcoming election.

Gwenyth Paltrow, who plays Payton Hobart’s mom, thinks the younger audience is going to see politics in a new light:

“I always think of the show as so satirical. But I think that for the younger audience, it might be interesting for them to see what the characteristics of true politicians are”

It should be noted that Paltrow also serves as the executive producer of the show. She hopes that the world of politics as seen by the eyes of Payton Hobart and his friends would convince the younger generation to be more involved:

“Maybe it will demystify it a little bit for them and encourage kids to become more politically involved and to get out there and vote.”

Paltrow’s husband, Brad Falchuk, is the co-creator of the show and has a similar hope:

“Historically, younger people vote in much smaller numbers. But now, I think young people want to be involved, to take control and not let old people dictate their lives. The hope is that this show can fuel even more motivation for kids to get out there and make their voices heard.”

Benjamin Barret, who plays the role of Infinity’s boyfriend Ricardo, believes that humor is going to be a good tool to convey a message to get more interested in politics:

 “It’s a good way to inform them without shoving it down their throats. I hope it gets kids excited about 2020.”

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