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Baby Yoda Feasts On Jabba The Hutt This Thanksgiving

Baby Yoda Feasts On Jabba The Hutt This Thanksgiving

We were, honestly, taken aback when we saw Baby Yoda feast on raw and live alien frogs in Episode 2 of The Mandalorian. As much as it weirded us out, it has given rise to a really strange fan fiction/theory. I mean, a living thing, has to eat. Right? We can’t just think that the original Yoda grew up eating cheese fries, hamburgers and milkshakes for like 500 years. However, this new perspective of the Yoda species eating frogs on the Disney+ show was something new to us all. Now, one fan has included Jabba the Hutt in their strange fan theory.

Baby Yoda Feast Upon Jabba Species?

The fact that Baby Yoda is a thing, and is a part of the main storyline, for now, is now common knowledge. What was once considered as a spoiler, is now openly discussed. In fact, so much that people have started coming up with their own theories about the baby Yoda species.

This one Twitter user @beeple recently posted a fan art regarding Baby Yoda and Jabba the Hutt. According to him, if Yoda species can eat frog-looking creatures then perhaps they can also eat Jabba species?

Look at what the Twitter user suggested in his tweet below:

Three babies from the Yoda species eating, what looks like Jabba the Hutt. The Mandalorian truly triggered some weird fantasies among us, the Star Wars nerds. However, since this kind of fan fiction has already been actualized I guess there is no harm in talking about it now.

The picture contradicts some of the behaviors we saw in The Mandalorian episode. When Baby Yoda used force to help Mando, he had to rest the whole day to recover his energy. So, who killed the mighty Jabba the Hutt? Can three Yoda babies take down someone among the Jabba species as easily as it appears? Or is this the work of someone else, and the yodas are only feasting on a dead carcass?

One thing is for certain, little yodas had a huge Thanksgiving meal!