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BTS Wins 4 Daesangs at MMA 2019 While Others Were Snubbed

There is no doubt that BTS is another league in itself. They’re without a doubt the biggest boy group in the world. They’ve got the sales, the digitals, the sold-out concerts. So, the 4 awards that they got in MMA are justified. The group has become the only kpop group to sweep all the major awards at a music awards show. Even though BTS deserves every award they got, we can’t neglect the fact that they were the only big group attending the award. Any other competition of theirs was not present. So, was the MMA 2019 really fair or have they become one of the attendance award shows. (You know the ones where the artists that attend the award show get the award and the ones who don’t, don’t get one even when they deserve it).

BTS Wins 4 Daesangs

BTS also swept all four Daesangs (grand prizes) by the end of the night: Best Record of the Year, Best Album of the Year with Map of the Soul: Persona, Best Song of the Year with Boy With Luv, and Best Artist of the Year. This is the first time that a single K-pop group has swept all of the Daesangs at a year-end awards show.

In a speech, member V said:

The child who ate candy as an elementary school student is now standing here today. I personally don’t think that I’m that special a person, so every time our music is recognized like this and people tell us that they felt healed or happy because of us, I choke up. I really don’t think I can give up. We will continue to grow and repay ARMY with good music next year and the years after that.

The leader of the group, RM added,

When we finish an event like this, we go home and feel a sense of weakness. We work hard in the studio to make music, practice hard in the practice room, and sing on this black stage. There are times when we wonder whether we are really doing something. But just as you all have been the lamps for us in our night, we will be the lamps for you in the ways we know how. I love you, ARMY.

Everyone Else Was Snubbed

*Trigger WARNING For BTS Fans

Before we really get into this rant, can we all just acknowledge how bad Mamamoo was treated? Mamamoo is one of the biggest kpop groups and yet they get only one award. Now, getting to how everyone else was snubbed. First of all, the major groups were not in attendance. EXO, Twice, Red Velvet, Blackpink, IU, Akmu and more didn’t attend the award show.

Though fans were accepting that they’d all get their due, but no. No one got an award. Daniel got the best music video award when a whole Blackpink’s Kill This Love exists. Also, No Awards for Twice and IU. IU is the biggest digital artist in Korea and the Queen gets nothing! And Twice’s Fancy was a strong contender for Song of the Year but since they weren’t in attendance, they didn’t get it.

We probably shouldn’t go there because BTS does really have the stats that justify their win. But has music only become quantity over quality? Views over impact? However, that is a debate for another day. We don’t really have any problem with the awards BTS got but they simply gave them all the major awards. Even though Boy With Luv was great and had the views along with the digitals, the song didn’t really have the best dance choreography.

BTS also got another award indirectly. The songwriter award went to Boy With Luv’s writer. I just want to say Akmu made a comeback this year and the song has the best lyrics ever.