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Austin McBroom Exposes Bryce Hall As His Biggest Fan

It seems that things are heating up between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall, and their fight is still weeks away. In a recent Instagram post, The ACE Family star exposed the TikToker as his ‘biggest fan’ by sharing an old picture of him at McBroom’s event. While the fans await the fight, we might see a little more drama before that.

It all began when Austin McBroom decided to have a boxing match but could not find an opponent.

The Ace Family star initially publicly challenged Jake Paul last year, who immediately turned his offer down. After this, Austin McBroom posted on Instagram that he has $5 million for anyone who steps in the ring with him. Furthermore, he asked his followers to tag anyone they wanted to see him fighting. This led to people tagging Bryce Hall in the comments. In the beginning, even Hall rejected this offer and demanded $7.5 million. During the negotiations, both social media stars kept the drama going by sharing each other’s texts on their social media stories. In the end, they both made a deal, and the fight was set to happen on 12th June.

Although there is still time for their boxing match, the social media stars cannot stop mocking each other.

Recently, Austin McBroom posted a picture of Bryce Hall on his Instagram along with a lengthy caption. Apparently, the two-year-old picture is from the charity basketball event which The ACE Family hosted. In the picture, Bryce Hall is standing with his friends wearing VIP passes around their necks. According to Austin McBroom, he also signed a t-shirt for Hall and declared that Hall is his biggest fan. Furthermore, he wrote that he feels blessed to have die-hard fans like Bryce Hall and will feel wrong to defeat him in the ring. In the end, he announced that the press conference for their boxing match would be streamed on YouTube and Instagram.

Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall will come face to face on 12th June. This is supposed to be a massive event for YouTube and TikTok followers. Till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and enjoy the drama!