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Ashley Tisdale Loves Herself More in Quarantine

Ashley Tisdale is showing off her Quarantine body and we are in awe! So, surely in the first few weeks of Quarantine, we all set these goals for ourselves. You know, the whole we will work out every day and stay fit in our homes. Well, for most of us, that did not work out because as it turns out, this pandemic is never-ending! While we look into our daily routines, we find ourselves doing everything to keep ourselves sane. That everything, in these times, turns out to be eating. But, for High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale, there is more to maintaining her mental health than eating. In a recent Instagram post, she shows her body and talks about how she has been treating herself in Quarantine.

Just a little thought, if this is her being not perfect, we all need to take a hard long look at how we are living with ourselves.

Ashley Tisdale loving herself more!

The Merry Happy Whatever star tells her fans that she has not been working out and instead, is focused on her mental health. You go, Girl!

I have to be honest, I haven’t really worked out that much because I’ve been really focused on my mental health during this quarantine.

Ashley Tisdale continues on to say how she does not have the abs she desired because she is doing yoga instead.

I’ve been doing a lot of meditation and yoga and trying not to judge myself. I wish sometimes I had the energy to kick ass and do abs.

I mean, she has a perfectly gorgeous body though. But, Ashley Tisdale also says that she loves herself now more than ever!

I have to say I still feel sexy, I still feel beautiful and the best part is I think I love myself more.

We know we love her ever since her days back on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. So, however she looks, we will always love Ashley Tisdale!