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Are you also obsessed with Addison Rae’s ‘Obsessed’ song?

TikTok star Addison Rae makes her music debut with ‘Obsessed’. And we just can’t wait for her to drop brilliant surprises like this one in near future. As we all know that Addison gained popularity through Tiktok’s platform. And since then she has received an immense amount of love and appreciation from her friends, family, and friends. Addison managed to gain a lot of milestones in the year 2020. Such as launching a cruelty-free make-up line ‘Item Beauty’ to promoting Kim Kardashians ‘Skims’, from launching a successful podcast ‘Mama Knows Best’ on Spotify to landing a lead role in the exclusive Netflix movie ‘He’s All That’. And the list goes on and on!

Anyways, let’s just get back to Addi’s Obsessed. I don’t know about you guys but I am really obsessed with it.

What is Addison Rae’s Obsessed all about?

Alright, so I am sharing the link to Addison’s song ‘Obsessed’ down below. And I want you all to watch it to have a better understanding of what I have to say next.

Addison Rae

The video and lyrics are a whole vibe. I and millions of Addison Rae fans have no issue with ‘Influencers’ or ‘TikTok Stars’ making their appearance in the music industry. ‘Obsessed’ is that unexpected surprise which we all need in our life.

Addison Rae shares regarding the song:

“Obsessed is a song that is kind of like, it started out you know just from a little story that I had told in the studio. And we ended up writing obsessed. My favorite line in it is if I lost you, I’d still have me. Because I can’t lose.”

Long story short, the whole song is dedicated to self-love. The key ingredient to a happy and healthy life is knowing how to love yourself when no one else is there for you or to love you. Dear girls, Addison just dropped a huge hint for all of you (winks).

Let’s see what Addison had to say about Obsessed in the interview with iHeartRadio:

“No matter what in life, with relationships, friendships, people in general, if you lose those people and you still love yourself, then you can’t lose. And I think it’s a big message.”

Umm, so maybe the rumors about Addison and Bryce Hall’s breakup are true. And Addi kind of made it official through this song. But anyways, we will leave this debate for another day.

Currently Obsessed!!

Addison’s debut in the world of Pop is totally iconic. The music and rhythm are totally addictive! And I guess it’s safe to say that Obsessed’s video is literally hot. There are four different looks portrayed in the video and I still can’t figure out which one of them is a favorite. Umm, I guess the white one.

Oh, and how can we miss the sultry makeup looks which are created by Addison’s own makeup line ‘Item Beauty’ (as per reports).

This absolutely breath-taking dance song is going to be a hit on TikTok. Addison will also be performing “Obsessed” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in the coming week. Anyways, guys, let us know what you guys think of this super cool dance song? Are you Obsessed with it yet?