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Anna Kendrick Shares Story Behind First Real Diamond

Anna Kendrick made a sponsored post on her Instagram promoting 'Real is a Diamond USA' and narrating the story behind her first real diamond.

T he popular American actress and singer Anna Kendrick recently made a sponsored post on her Instagram. And while promoting ‘Real is a Diamond USA’, she shared the emotional story behind her first ever real diamond purchase. Although some people might not pay attention to the post considering that it was sponsored, there is a much deeper meaning attached to it. Kendrick was also promoting self love, and how gifts from a person to their own self matter. Moreover, Anna also gave out a relatable message to many individuals out here who have jewelry pieces that are more than just adornments.

Anna Kendrick Gifted Herself Her First Real Diamond

Anna Kendrick claimed in her latest Instagram post that jewelry was her favorite part of an outfit. And that’s because it always fits and is always gorgeous. But she added that the first ever diamond she bought for herself is the necklace she is wearing in the picture. Kendrick recalled that she got it the day they wrapped up the filming of Into The Woods. Playing Cinderella was a dream come true for her. And she wanted to celebrate her hard work with something rare and special.

Anna Kendrick also added that the size of the diamond whether large or small did not matter. But a natural diamond was the perfect gift always that she could give herself. And she does that to celebrate times when she feels most confident. The hashtags gave out an even powerful message, and they read #RealIsRare and #FromMetoMe.

Anna Kendrick is an American actress and singer. She started her career as a child actress in theater productions. And her first ever role was was a 1998 Broadway Musical High Society. And she made her feature film debut in the musical comedy Camp. Other prominent works include Pitch Perfect, Twilight and A Simple Favor.