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Amy Schumer's New Clothing Line Faces Backlash Following Launch

Amy Schumer’s New Clothing Line Faces Backlash Following Launch

Amy Schumer launched a new clothing line yesterday and fans are just disappointed because Le Cloud has been nothing but fake advertising.

Actress, activist and comedian Amy Schumer launched a new clothing line by the name of Le Cloud yesterday. She previously devoted a lot of her time and efforts into publicizing and advertising her new brand. Although it claimed that the collection will feature sizes for all women at an affordable range, things don’t seem such. After Schumer took to Instagram to post pictures of the launch, fans lashed out under the post in comments. And the comedian has been criticized for falsely advertising Le Cloud because neither the range is affordable nor has that many plus sizes. But Amy replied to one particular fan announcing the reasons behind this decision. And even promised that the next set of collection will feature more sizes and will definitely be at much lower prices. Will fans buy this idea and stop sending in their criticism?

‘Le Cloud’ Criticized For False Advertisement

Following the launch of Le Cloud on 13th December, Amy Schumer posted pictures of her mother with different store managers. Although Amy added a caption on how cute her mother was, the ways fans reacted was definitely not as per her expectations. Her post comments got filled with backlash as fans criticized the brand for false marketing. And now fulfilling the basic claims that they advertised upon. Apparently, the motive behind this clothing line was to introduce clothes in all sizes and affordable rates. But according to fans, neither of these claims were fulfilled.

Schumer’s post soon got filled with comments that pointed out how a tank top was being sold for $150 and a pair of pajama pants for over a 100 dollars. Others added that normal women who apparently were her target audience can not pay that much for lounge wear.

One user commented:

I was just thinking the same thing. I’m super supportive and they look really comfy, but $48 for a tank top? $148 for pj pants? Unfortunately that’s just not in this fan’s budget.

Another fan commented:

Expensive was not what I was hoping for-I’m a teacher (infant/toddler specialist) who’s been dressing comfortably for work for 20+ years- won’t be buying these with my salary-dissapointed

And another one said they hoped that they might support in the future if the prices change:

First and foremost your mom is adorable and I love ya. You’ll probably never see this comment but the price point for this line is really out of touch considering how it was advertised. I understand this was probably out of your hands but the Off Fifth team didn’t do their research. I hope they’re able to re-strategize so I can support in the future. I understand that you chose to partner with the Saks outlet and not Target so as a result of course people can expect to pay more. But this is still not attainable for the “average” woman, and isn’t in line with what I’ve paid for pieces at off fifth before. I really hope I can support in future.

One such fan got a response from Schumer herself who said that she totally felt what they were saying.

But the first round was out of their control since it was limited to the choice of their collaborators. But the next release would have larger sizes and lesser prices. And that this round was pretty much out of her hands.

She commented:

totally feel you this first round we were limited to what our collaborators wanted. Next release will be larger sized and less money. This round was out of our hands.

Will Amy Schumer live up to her claims with Le Cloud in the next collection? Let’s wait for more details about it before we settle that!