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Miley Cyrus Gives heartfelt tribute to Departed Oribe Canales

Amidst other popular celebrities, Miley Cyrus has also written a heartfelt tribute for her hairstylist Oribe Canales who died at the age of 62.

The popular celebrity hairstylist Oribe Canales died recently at the age of 62 years. During his decade-long career, Canales worked with almost all major stars including Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, and Cindy Crawford. The late hairstylist was well known for styling models and crafting new looks on them during the ’80s and ’90s. In fact, the late Giovanni Versace would often take him to Rome and Milan to style his fashion shows.

And the pair shared a vision of Miami decadence. Now as the news of his death circulated on social media platforms, tributes from his celebrity clients started pouring in. Among many, pop star Miley Cyrus also dropped her heartfelt tribute through a post on Twitter. But she did not stop just there and made a follow-up tweet under her initial post to express her love for the late stylist,

Miley Cyrus Remembers Oribe Canales on Twitter

However, her tribute did not just end there. Cyrus added another tweet below this one wishing that she could just hug Canales right now. Or even, smell the particular scent that he brought into a room. She also shared that she would do anything possible to tell the late stylist how beautiful he made her feel. She concluded her post adding that she loved him, and always will be followed by a broken heart emoji.

Following the news of his death, many celebrities posted their tributes on social media. The majority of them resorted to sharing snaps of their favorite memories of Oribe Canales online. Others chose to honor his heart, personality, and talent and praise him for the role he played in their lives. Certainly, the loss of Canales is a great one for the entire industry.