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James Charles doesn’t think Sister Squad is getting back together

James Charles has some news for his long time fans and followers. And it’s about the famous Sister Squad. Those of you who have been following the beauty guru and YouTuber for a long time know that before he was best friends with Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Larray, Noah Beck, and other TikTokers, he had […]

Dolan Twins confirm they are virgins

Dolan twins have returned to content creation and they have also started a podcast. While the world sees the deep side of Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan in their podcast, they also get to see the fun side on their official YouTube channel. In their recent vlog, they shared a clip of them giving feedback […]

All celebrities Larray came after on his Diss Track ‘Canceled’

Tiktoker and YouTuber Larray is here to cancel everyone with his new diss track ‘Canceled’. The diss track features your favorite TikTok stars and YouTubers and you would be shocked to see some of them in the music video. That’s because most of the people Larray dissed are actually his close friends! And if anyone […]

Ethan Dolan reveals his girlfriend to the world

The much-awaited moment is finally here guys as Ethan Dolan just revealed his girlfriend to the world. The Dolan Twins posted two back to back vlogs and shared their excitement. Some of you might not know that both of The Dolan Twins have applied for their Australian residency as Ethan’s girlfriend is from Australia. But […]

Logan Paul says he is getting annoyed by the Dolan Twins

Umm, It seems like Logan Paul is not happy with the Dolan Twins’ continuos chirping. In a recent Impaulsive podcast, Logan talks about how both the Dolan Twins have been bothering him. Sometimes they do it on social media while other times they DM him and ask him about the boxing match. Oh, some of […]

Larray ended up blocking Ethan Dolan on Twitter!

Larray is quite the hilarious TikTok star that’s friends with almost every influencer you can think of. Whether it be beauty guru James Charles or the beloved Dolan twins. He definitely gets around! And he likes to have fun with all of his friends online. Recently, he did a hilarious joke on Ethan Dolan and […]

Dolan Twins confuse fans with “brotherly” peck on the lips

Dolan Twins have millions of fans around the world. And turns out some of them had not seen their latest vlog titled They Broke Up. Well, they should have seen it because the comments on Grayson Dolan’s latest tweet are hilarious and disturbing at the same time. At first glance, you see two pictures, each […]

Grayson Dolan injures himself whilst downhill skating

We all know both Ethan and Grayson Dolan have been going through a really rough time. As they have been going out of their way to film different types of content for their fans. The Dolan Twins even mentioned this on Logan Paul’s podcast that they have to step out of their comfort zone and […]