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The Dolan Twins Get Scammed In New Vlog And Shade Mr.Kate

Yes, guys, you heard me right. The Dolan Twins recently posted a Vlog on their Youtube channel in which they get scammed for almost $1,600. I mean this is what happens when two people share the same roof, but they don’t buy stuff for that particular roof together. So, both the Dolan Twins bought a […]

Dolan Twins and Logan Paul are now friends!

I just can’t keep calm because the Dolan Twins have finally made it to Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’. We all know Logan has some history with the Dolan Twins. And for all those people who still didn’t know anything about it. They might have guessed it from watching the Dolan Twin’s recent video. That is ‘Selling […]

Dolan Twins fail to sell their Tiny Van to Logan Paul

I don’t know about you guys but I really adore these YouTubers like Dolan Twins and Logan Paul. So, it’s been six years since the Dolan Twins joined YouTube and they have about 11.1 million subscribers on their channel. Logan probably has 3-4 YouTube channels and one of them is Logan Paul with 22.3 million […]

Dolan Twins Address Sister Squad Break up…Sort of

The Dolan Twins are all about spilling tea in 2020. Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan addressed popular rumors on the internet regarding them. We found out a lot of information! They even mentioned the sister squad break up. Well, they did address it but they didn’t disclose anything about it. Related: Dolan Twins fail to […]

How Ethan Dolan climbed out of his Acne Depression

AThe highly anticipated Dolan twins video is finally here. The twins were talking about filming a very serious video that features Ethan Dolan’s storyline. Even though many thought and wondered it could be about James Charles or Shane Dawson, it’s about neither. It’s actually related to Ethan’s Dolan acne issues that led him into a […]

Dolan Twins tease new special video that’s personal to Ethan Dolan

The Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan, are popular for their lighthearted and often comedic videos. But they have shown their deep side in some videos, one of which even talked about their father’s death. Now, they are teasing another different kind of video which is personal to Ethan Dolan. Related: Kevin Hart Beats Dolan […]

Kevin Hart Beats Dolan Twins Savagely…

If you have not seen Kevin Hart: What The Fit then you are wasting your precious quarantined time. If there is something better than all the scripted series out there, it is Kevin Hart unscripted. The comedy show airs on LOL Network, YouTube, and its season 3 is already running. The episode 5 was recently […]

Will Dolan Twins Talk About James Charles With Shane Dawson?

If you’re following James Charles, you would know that drama follows him almost everywhere. But things took went to a very high level when Tati Westbrook made a video exposing James Charles’ problematic behavior. Charles was apparently flirting with straight men and doing things that made them uncomfortable. Fans speculated that Dolan twins had dealt […]

Jeffree Star and the Dolan Twins Switch Lives

We know Jeffree Star for a lot of things: huge make-up brand, shading other influencers and switching lives with his YouTube friends. It seems like he’s gotten a bit close with the Dolan Twins. For weeks, the two have teased about a collaboration with each other on their respective social media accounts. Now, it’s finally […]