What is The #KoalaComeback Campaign?

David Yarrow is a 53-year-old British fine-art photographer. In the last week of January, he visited the sites of Australian Fires to document the devastation that has been wreaked. Furthermore, it was his aim to show the world the severity of the calamity that had hit Australia. With the collection of pictures he took, he launched The #KoalaComeback Campaign.

What is The #KoalaComeback Campaign?

It is a collaboration between David Yarrow and an environmental non-profit organization WildArk. The campaign’s aim is to raise 2 million dollars to support the affectees of the wildfires. Earth Alliance’s Australia Wildfire Fund will receive fifty percent of the proceeds from the campaign. Whereas WildArk will support local organizations in wildlife rehabilitation and habitat restoration through the remaining donations.

On the #KoalaComeback Campaign’s About section, the moving words of the photographer are displayed. Summing it all up, we can see how devastated he was to see so many dead animals. ‘Survivor’ is his famous picture from the entire collection. In contrast to the leafless trees, you can see a lone Koala at the base of the tree, looking at the camera. In fact, it is his wish to communicate to his audience through this picture, how fragile our planet is.

Endorsements by conservationists

Many famous celebrities are coming forward to use their name and influence to raise the funds by endorsing the #KoalaComeback Campaign. The famous Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, commonly known as Thor, along with his wife Elsa shared this on his Instagram.

Shane Warne, Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, Tom Brady, and Leonardo DiCaprio have also endorsed and are helping spread awareness of the Australian Fires.

Want to Donate?

In case you’re interested in #KoalaComeback Campaign, donate at the official website which will get you a signed fine-art print for $1000 and $10 for a digital download.


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