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All You Need to Know About Nayel Nassar

Nayel Nassar has become the talk of the town after getting engaged to Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer. Hardly anyone knew him a couple of days back. Even the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia is clueless about him at the moment but the equestrian’s connection to the Gates family will change that.

Here’s a brief account on what is Nayel Nassar’s background and his net worth.

Who is Bill Gates To-Be Son-in-law Nayel Nassar?

Nayel Nassar currently ranks at a respectable #41 in the world. He will be representing Egypt and the sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This will be Egypt’s first appearance in the sport in 6 decades.

What is Nayel’s Net Worth?

Jennifer Gates’ fiance Nayel is also a very successful businessman. According to some sources, Nayel’s net worth is somewhere around $130 million. Besides being a very successful equestrian, the newest member of the Gates family owns Stables LLC as well.

The venture that started back in 2014 is proving to be quite lucrative for the 29-year-old.

nayel nassar
Nayel Nassar Wedding

Not just Nayel, Jennifer is also very good at horse riding. And has been show-jumping for quite a while. She even took part in Winter Equestrian Festival that took place in Florida.

Hoping to see Bill Gates’ future son-in-law make it to Wikipedia soon so we get to know more about him. Dankanator will keep you updated.

Nayel & Jennifer are expecting !!