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Why We Couldn't See Hollyhock's Letter in Bojack Horseman Season 6

Why We Couldn’t See Hollyhock’s Letter in Bojack Horseman Season 6

As you all know Bojack Horseman ended exactly how we wanted. But one question bugged us and many others the moment the series ended. What happened to Hollyhock? What was in the letter she wrote to Bojack? Why was there not even a mention of her in the finale? Of course, we all are wondering and trying to make sense of it with no plausible outcome. We’re going to dissect it all today and make sense of it. We are answering why we were not shown the contents of this letter at all.

Hollyhock’s connection to Bojack Horseman

Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzarelli-McQuack (yes, that’s her full name) is a seventeen-year-old high schooler who turns out to be Bojack’s half-sister. Initially, she believes that Bojack is her father but DNA tests reveal that they had the same father.

When Bojack Horseman finds this out, he sees it as an opportunity to build a loving and pure relationship with the only family member he has left. He takes on the role of a big brother, looks out for her, and loves Hollyhock with all his heart.

In the midpoint of Season 6, it becomes clear that Hollyhock knows’ Bojack’s dark secret. And that is when she stops engaging with him. In fact, she repeatedly tries to keep Bojack out of her life when he joins her university as an acting teacher. When the interview of Bojack comes out where he is confronted about Sarah Lynn’s death, that’s when he receives a letter from Hollyhock.

Fans want to know what’s inside Hollyhock’s letter

The audience with the question shared their undying curiosity about the letter on Twitter.

Hollyhock suicide?

Bojack puts off opening the letter for the longest time he can because he knows there is nothing good in it. Finally, with shaky hands, he opens the letter Hollyhock has sent him. And we are not shown the contents in it. He does not read the letter out loud, much to the audience’s surprise. But all the hope of becoming a better person vanishes from his face and an emptiness takes over him once again.

And that is the moment Bojack Horseman relapses.

Some thought that Hollyhock committed suicide, or was expecting that to be in this letter. This is one of the most popular fan theories regarding the letter right now. But this is really not possible.

Hollyhock was one of the grounded characters in the series and also very mature for her age. Life was going on fine for her and there was no good reason for her to kill herself. She also kept making it clear that she needed space and wanted to focus on her life whereas Bojack kept trying to find a way in it. Secondly, if she did commit suicide, as some fans like to believe, she should have shown up with all the other dead characters in the 15th dream sequence episode.

So why don’t we know what was written in Hollyhock’s letter?

The only thing that makes sense is that she had found out about Bojack’s worst mistakes including Penny. This is why at the start of season 6 part 2, she also makes a reference to ‘young girls being at a club’ indirectly telling Bojack not to go there. She also starts to disengage with Bojack throughout the last season. This shows that she is annoyed with his addicted, toxic self even if they’re family.

But the final drop comes when she watches Bojack’s interview and then sends him the letter. We don’t have to know what is inside the letter. But it is enough for Bojack Horseman to relapse and attempt suicide. She cuts him off and tells him she doesn’t want him in her life anymore.

Maybe she gives him no reasons or explanations. And maybe that’s why we don’t get one either. Hollyhock’s decision to send a letter rather than do it face-to-face shows how it is when someone leaves you indirectly. You don’t get to have a full conversation. Because sometimes, the people who want to leave don’t feel that they owe this to you. And that’s what Bojack had to experience.

In a very clever way, the writers of the show demonstrated this to the audience by not giving an opportunity of closure; deliberately. So we could experience something very close to Bojack himself.

If you think about it this way, it answers your question. And also makes the show so realistic. The closure is not usually given in real life. We just have to accept what comes. And that was the spirit of Bojack Horseman too.