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Alex Fitzalan Doesn't Approve of His Character's Actions on The Society

Alex Fitzalan Doesn’t Approve of His Character’s Actions on The Society

Alex Fitzalan recently rose to fame after the successful run of The Society on Netflix. The Society centers around a batch of high school teenagers whose town ends up transporting into a different location with no contact from the modern world. The teenagers are left to their own devices. Essentially, they have to build a society of their own. Alex Fitzalan plays the bad boy of West Ham, an anti-Noah Centineo. He’s not a good guy, and struggles to live in a socialist way of living the teenagers have come up with. Though, the actor who plays the character of Harry, is the opposite. In fact, he disapproves of Harry’s actions.

Alex Fitzalan Doesn’t Approve of Locker Room Talk

In episode three of The Society, there is one important scene where Harry is talking to his group of friends about the girls they know. They say some really sexist and horrible things about the character of Cassandra (Rachel Keller).

Cassandra was the student valedictorian  at their high school. She was a natural leader and thus she took on that role when their town was suddenly transported to nowhere with no adults. Though, Harry and his friends didn’t like her rules that she imposed on them.

Then Harry ends up talking about sleeping with her in very inappropriate ways. There’s implications that he’d even rape her and then kill her. This talk eventually leads to Cassandra being murdered at the end of the episode.

Alex Fitzalan says it’s definitely not okay.

If it already wasn’t made clear, talking about someone in that way is not okay – under any circumstances. It’s the underlying misogyny and attitude that is completely toxic. It’s been dismissed as “locker room talk” which cannot be used as an excuse and honestly, it’s not even a real concept.

Moreover, he highlighted the fact that all the words we say have an impact and can lead to serious consequences. If anyone is talking in a misogynistic way like that, you have to call them out on it.

Your words have impact no matter the audience or where you say them. If someone around you is saying similarly awful things about women or ANYONE you should call them out!!

After Cassandra’s murder, Harry succumbs to depression and can’t shake off his guilt. Even though he was not the one who pulled the trigger of the gun, what he said ultimately led to those actions.

News On The Society Season 2

We do not know if The Society was renewed or not. But there are some speculations that it most definitely will due to its popularity. Here is when you can expect the The Society Season 2 to be released if the show is approved by Netflix.

You can stream the first season on Netflix now.