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After Shah Rukh Khan, Marshmello Gets Kartik Aaryan To Perform On Te Biba Nach Di

Marshemello’s latest collab with Indian singer Pritam marks a significant milestone in the history of Music. The international crossover ‘Te Biba Nachdi’ has sparked a wave of enthusiasm in heart of India. The music grossed over 10m views in just 24 hours of its release, and it continues to rule charts with great dominance. The song also brought the worlds of Hollywood and Bollywood close together, as apart from Pritam, famous Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan also joined hands with Marshmello for the promotion of his music video. Today, Marshmello concluded his symphonic tour in India with a concert in Pune. But before he could leave, he thanked his Indian associates and particularly actor Kartik Aaryan for their support.

Kartik Aaryan And Marshmello Come Together For Pune Concert

Marshmello’s tour in India, a part of the Vh1 Supersonic festival came to an end tonight in Pune. But, the DJ ensured not to leave his favorite travel destination without surprising his Indian fans. In his concert at Pune, Marshmello got popular silver-screen actor Kartik Aaryan to perform on his tunes. Aaryan was a part of several commercially successful Indian rom-coms, and Marshmello found him to be the apt face for his concert. As the concert ended, Marshmello quickly updated his Instagram feed with highlights of the night.

Shah Rukh Khan ‘s Cameo In Marshmello’s Te Biba Nachdi Music Video

Before he brought Kartik Aaryan on stage, the DJ surprised Indian audiences with his first Hindi track. The track, which was a surprise in itself, gave viewers another surprise when their industry legend made a guest appearance in it.

Besides his appearance, there were also subtle references to SRK movies. These included the basketball sequence from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and the train sequence from Dil Se. Biba shows Marshmello watching a Bollywood movie. In the video, an actor wearing his signature headgear is seen striking SRK’s popular pose, a reference to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Then it cuts to shots of a red carpet, which is where Marshmello greets another man, also wearing the headgear. The man takes the headgear off to reveal himself to be Shah Rukh Khan, who looks into the camera, points at the DJ and says, “Marshmello. Naam toh suna hoga (You must’ve heard the name)? The music video also included a cameo of Pritam, its Indian vocalist.

Kartik Aaryan also thanked Marshmello for letting him groove on ‘Te Biba Nachdi’ during the concert. Vh1 Supersonic will also feature performances by Jaden Smith, Rudimental and Two Door Cinema Club.