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Adin Ross and Sommer Ray stream in a hot tub on Twitch!

Instagram model, Sommer Ray did a hot tub stream with American Twitch streamer Adin Ross’s on his Twitch channel. The stream had over 150,000 live viewers.

Sommer Ray is an American fitness bikini model, who has a YouTube channel as well. She has 1.87 million subscribers on YouTube. Sommer Ray posted the last video 10 months ago which was titled ‘Look what happened at Bradely’s gym’. The video had 1.6 million views. She is also very famous for her workout videos on Instagram. Reportedly, the model is not dating anyone at the moment.

Adin Ross used to be known as Adin2Huncho. He is an American Twitch streamer. He started getting famous when he made videos of himself during live stream of Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K. The popular content creator has almost 3.3 million followers on his Twitch account.

Adin Ross and Sommer Ray stream on Twitch

The whole ‘Hot Tube Meta’ started in early 2021, so Twitch made a different category for it. As the community for this particular category was getting stronger. Twitch made a category ‘Beaches, Pools & Hot Tubs’ which was different from the general category like ‘Just Chatting’.

In May 2021, the Instagram model said that Twitch would crash when she does her own hot tub stream. Well, Sommer Ray isn’t the one who backs off from her promise. Sommer does have a Twitch account but she thought it would be fun to do this alongside another Twitch user, Adin Ross. This might be because Adin Ross is one of the most popular content creators these days and he’s getting famous pretty quickly. The stream did have a lot of views. It had 150,000 views but there was one slight problem. The stream risked action from Twitch and might even a suspension as Adin Ross did not categorize the stream under the ‘Beaches, Pools & Hot Tubs’ category.

When Twitch introduced the new category, it made the streamers clear the people who are wearing swimsuits when they are streaming must categorize the stream under the ‘Beaches, Pools & Hot Tubs’ category. A user can report the channel if the stream is put under the wrong category and Twitch’s community guidelines specifically state that ‘intentional channel miscategorization” is a violation of the policy.