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Jeffree Star Cosmetics launching new palette and collection in July

A lot of things are happening in Jeffree Star’s life this year. He has been through so much but he shared with his fans that his brand is doing really well. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is also launching a new palette and collection in July!

Jeffree has had many ups and lows this year. With him being in a car accident, then distancing himself from the beauty community, Jeffree’s life has taken a different turn. But even after all that, he did not give up. He is helping the LGBTQ+ Community this Pride Month. Being a proud member of the community, he further shared that he wants to help and support the community in any way he can.

What is going on in Jeffree Star’s Life?

The beauty guru got into a horrible car accident with his friend in April. Star and his friend was badly injured but he did share the news of his recovery on Twitter.

Jeffree Star is also doing so much for the LGBTQ+ Community. Star is partnering with TheOD Foundation to support the LGBTQ+ community behind bars. He recently announced the partnership on Twitter. In addition to that, JSC is pledging 25,000 dollars to TheOD Foundation.

The makeup artist also recently announced that he is distancing himself from the beauty community. In an interview with E!, Star said that he wants people to see his growth and he will be focusing on doing positive things.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics launching a New Palette?

Well, looks like we might be getting a new Jeffree Star Cosmetics Palette!! SO EXCITING! Jeffree Star tweeted that he has been on the set for 12 hours where they are shooting for the next Jeffree Star Cosmetics Pallete and Collection. The star also mentioned that the Collection will be launching in July so we don’t have to wait that long, I guess.

Are Fans excited about this?

Twitter user have bombarded Star’s tweet with so many comments. Everybody is saying that they are making room in their cupboards for the new makeup Palettes Jeffree is going to be launching.

Some people showed their Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection as well.

We are super excited to see what Star is going to be bringing next. Let us know in the comments down below if your excitement level is the same.