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Adam Schlesinger's Death Leaves New Mom Rachel Bloom Devastated

Adam Schlesinger’s Death Leaves New Mom Rachel Bloom Devastated

It’s been a paradoxical week for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom. Bloom and Husband Dan Gregor welcomed their first baby on Wednesday, April 1st amid the Covid-19 chaos. The ambiance during the delivery was acutely distressing.  Furthermore, the newborn was admitted to the intensive care immediately after birth, much to the parents’ despair. And as tensions finally began to ease for Bloom and Gregor, after the hospital green-lit the newborn discharge, came the news of the passing of Adam Schlesinger, a friend and frequent collaborator to Bloom.

Rachel Bloom Shares Emotional Struggle Coping Up With Newborn’s Condition And Adam Schlesinger’s Death

Articulating the emotional turmoil, Rachel Bloom said “Having a baby in the NICU during a pandemic while a dear friend was in the hospital 3,000 miles away made this by far the most emotionally intense week of mine and Gregor’s lives.”

While her baby was in the ICU, Bloom observed the Californian hospital prepare for the upcoming Covid-19 storm. The hospital management put intensive measures into effect to ensure the health and safety of mothers and newborns in the maternity ward. While it was something Bloom was aware of, it still caused her to stress out.

Rachel Bloom At  A Complete Loss Of Words Over Adam Schlesinger’s Death

After arriving home safely with her baby and family on Thursday, Bloom took to Twitter to mourn her friend’s demise.

While Bloom played the titular character in the CW’s musical series Crazy-ex Girlfriend, Schlesinger worked there as its executive music producer. He wrote tons of songs for the series, before landing an Emmy nod best original music and lyrics in 2019. Schlesinger has collaborated with Bloom and Jack Dolgen for the number.“Anti-Depressants Are So Not a Big Deal,” which one the trio an  Emmy.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Alumni Bereaved Over Adam Schlesinger’s Death.

Apart from Rachel Bloom, several colleagues from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend have also posted tributes to Adam Schlesinger. Collaborator Jack Dolgen shared a picture of Schlesinger’s piano, while show creator  Aline Brosh McKenna penned a lengthy eulogy on Twitter. Later, quoting McKenna’s letter, Rachel Bloom mentioned “He was a genius.”