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CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Gets A Crazy Title Song

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  The touchstone for several like shows on American TV, and on the CW itself. It is the show that the Emmys kept neglecting, mainly because they treated CW as the red-haired-stepchild. A now, we have reached a sad state, where we are in the final season of this utterly amazing CW musical comedy. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been sacredly denied of the perks and pinnacles it was rightfully entitled to. But, this isn’t something that will cause the brand to diminish its quality a bit. Let alone walking out with a sassy register. The final Season 4 has an all-new theme song. And this title sequence is all the reasons why fans are obsessed with this show and of course the whimsical events of the life of our favorite character: Rebecca.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Plot

The plot of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a tough one, to sum up, and to digest. It follows the protagonist Rebecca as she runs into an old flame wandering around on the streets on New York. What follows is a hilarious chronology of morally uplifting circumstances. Misadventures take place, like in every other sitcom. But on CW’s partially serialized sitcom, they all serve sage narrative purposes. Rebecca evolves into a much bigger person with the course of the story. She now defines herself with much more than the guy she used to crush on. Yet, her problematic life choice continues to haunt her. Partially disoriented, partially crazy, but largely strong-willed, Rebecca gives off extremely entertaining high jinks on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Rebecca – The Very Human Hero

The title sequence for the season 4 of this CW presentation basically sums up the narrative of the previous three seasons. It follows through the several moods of Rebecca on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  She is generous, kind, and sweet. But at the same time, she can be tremendously snarky, sardonic, and unsparingly desperate. The show knows it all, it is very internally aware. And, it dishes it out in a riotous, chucklesome song that is bound to give us a lot of giggles.

Apt Season 4 Opening Sequence

The comic tone of this season 4 opening “Meet Rebecca” promises an unapologetically farcical, whacky show. The song subtly drifts away from showing the ‘perfect picture’ to the more realistic ‘imperfect scenario’. And this very ironically phases out the narrative shifts on the show. The music video is gorgeous, and so is the show.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  Season 4 airs on The CW every Friday at 9:00 p.m.

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