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Jake Paul Produced Record ‘Best on Earth’ gets Platinum certified!

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Alright, so I got a little confused for a second that Jake Paul never made a song named ‘Best On Earth’. So how did he actually manage to get a Platinum certificate for it? But then I checked his recent Instagram post and read everything written on the certificate. I went into a sudden shock and you all must be thinking ‘Oh girl! You are overreacting once again!’. But I really like his work, apart from the occasional controversies by which he creates trouble for himself. I mean this man can sing, dance, rap, make videos, and whatnot. And I am one of those people who just got to know that Jake Paul is one of the producers of Russ and Bia’s ‘Best On Earth‘.

Jake Paul wins his first Platinum record as a producer

So Jake shared an Instagram post a few hours ago. In which he is holding a very beautiful Platinum record by The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


Jake expressed his happiness through a beautiful caption and also mentioned the names of his fellow producers for ‘Best On Earth’.

“My first platinum record as a producer. Produced this one with my brothers @Boi-1da and @jahaansweet off that 1942.”

A lot of people think that the song actually got hit when Rihanna posted a video on her Instagram and thanked Russ and Bia for her new favorite song ‘Best On Earth’. But the song on its own has so much potential. I mean the video is totally bomb and the lyrics are super hip.

Oh, and it’s an age-restricted video (winks). Jake and both of his friends have done a very good job. Though a lot of fans are not happy with Jake winning a Platinum record. And they are expressing their views in the comments section as well.

They think Jake must have paid somebody a lot of money just to get his hands on the record. But some of them might not know that you can’t just bribe the RIAA to give you a Platinum or Gold record certification. Anyways, they might be having these thoughts because Jake’s name is not mentioned in the list of producers on the official and lyrical video. While the names of the other two producers can easily be spotted.

Jake previously won a Platinum record certification for the diss track ‘ It’s Everyday Bro’. What do you guys think about Jake’s new accomplishment? Let us know in the comments section.

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