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The 6 Top and Upcoming Female Rappers of 2019

No doubt, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were all the rage in pop music in 2018. But they’re not the only female rappers who broke trends and lit stages. Over the past year, many hidden talents have revealed themselves. And some of these female rappers really stood out – what with their witty rap lyrics and unorthodox flairs.

1. Saweetie

If you don’t know who Saweetie is, you’re missing out on a queen.

Diamonté Harper, known professionally as Saweetie, is an American rapper and songwriter from Hayward, California. After the release of her debut single, ‘Icy Grl’, she was signed to Warner Bros. Records in partnership with Artistry Worldwide. She released her first major label EP, High Maintenance, in March 2018.

The rapper already has a fairly great fan base, with about 0.65 million subscribers on YouTube. However, she’s still grossly underrated. Classy with just the right amount of edge, this girl is going places. Her sassy lyrics and melodious voice, coupled with sexy song rhythms make for the perfect mix of hip-hop and rap.

Saweetie definitely deserves more recognition and she might just be the next big thing in 2019!

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2. CupcakKe

This 21-year-old rapper probably qualifies as one of the best on this list.

Elizabeth Eden Harris, known professionally as ‘CupcakKe’, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Harris began her career as a rapper by uploading music on YouTube in late 2012. She has about 0.43 million subscribers on YouTube, as of now.

Her videos and lyrics show her strong sense of personality. She even released a song titled ‘LGBT’ in support of the LGBTQ community, so there’s that! Her music makes it evident that CupcakKe isn’t afraid to show people what she thinks or feels. She is open and unapologetic when it comes to rap.

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3. Raja Kumari

With her beautiful Indian heritage and cultural flair, Raja Kumari brings something completely unique to the music industry. She is best known for her collaborations with notable artists like Gwen Stefani, Fifth Harmony, Fall Out Boy, etc.

Her new single, ‘Shook’, released just a month ago, showcases Indian trends and traditions. Successfully integrating Eastern fashion into Western-style music, Kumari created some pretty badass rap songs last year. In the song ‘Shook’, she seamlessly integrates her cultural values into the lyrics and video.

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4. Dounia

Dounia is my personal favorite female rapper/singer these days. Recently, she released an entire album titled ‘The Avant-Garden’. The album is the definition of subtly angry, sassy music brimming to the edge with self-confidence. The songs ‘Rich Girl Mood’ and ‘Avant Garde’, defining enough in their names, are the perfect summary of what the album showcases.

Through her lyrics, Dounia expresses her anger towards past record producers who apparently rejected her music. Well, it was definitely their loss! There’s no doubt Dounia is going to blow up in 2019.

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5. Kyah Baby

Kyah Baby is undeniably talented when it comes to rap music. She can freestyle like a boss, creating songs that mix up hip-hop and rap. Just two months ago, she released the single ‘Heart of the City’ on YouTube. The lyrics and video of the song show her sense of complete fearlessness and camaraderie with her crew.

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6. Lady Leshurr

Last but not the least, Lady Leshurr is no less when it comes to the top rap music.

Melesha Katrina O’Garro, known professionally as Lady Leshurr, is a British hip hop rapper, singer, and producer. She is best known for her series on YouTube, “Queen’s Speech”. The series is a couple of music videos showcasing her freestyles, the fourth of which went viral in 2016.

Moreover, her song ‘Where Are You Now?’ hit over 7 million views on YouTube. Lady Leshurr definitely has the potential to become one of the best female rappers in 2019.

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