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Demi Lovato Mad At Nick Jonas For Not Receiving Wedding Invite

Demi Lovato is all good out of rehab now, and is probably listing down everything she missed which includes an invite to the Nick Jonas wedding.

Why Was Demi Lovato not Invited to the Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Wedding?

According to the US Magazine, Lovato was deeply upset when she was not invited to the lavish wedding. A source informed the magazine that it broke her heart. And as awkward as it seems between the two stars, fans are still wondering why this might have happened. When Lovato was admitted to the hospital after a drug overdose, Nick was worried about her. He even tweeted that they all loved her and were praying that she gets well very soon.

But before everybody starts blaming Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra for not sending Demi an invite, let’s consider that his actions may not have been completely unreasonable. Apparently, after her overdose, she unfollowed Nick on Instagram. So that suggests that their friendship might not have been doing great after all. But what really happened between the two is not known yet because handling it like adults, the two did not make it public.

Even then, who wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t receive an invite to the most talked-about wedding of the year?