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Will the Real Jonathan Morgenstern Please Stand Up on Shadowhunters?

Will the Real Jonathan Morgenstern Please Stand Up on Shadowhunters?

The real face of Jonathan Morgenstern has been finally revealed for Shadowhunters season 3 part 2 which is the last leg of the show and Morgenstern will play a major part in the conclusion of the show

After a long hiatus, the Shadowhunters is finally returning to Freeform. It will be the second half of season 3 of the show. With many expectations attached to the show, one of the biggest reveals came through on TV Line, The reveal of Jonathan Morgenstern in the second part of season 3.

Jonathan Morgenstern Before He Died

We must go over what happened to understand how Jonathan Morgenstern has this new face. What we remember is that Clary’s dad, the notorious and evil Valentine experimented with Downworlder’s blood on his wife, which resulted in an evil baby. The poor lad (yes, I still do feel sorry for him for what Valentine put him through). We saw that Jonathan had no face in the second season. He kidnapped and stole the identity of a British Shadowhunter, Sebastian Verlac who Will Tudor played.

Jonathan Morgenstern in Prime Form

Since the beginning of season 3, we saw Lilith return from the Downworld to resurrect her son, Jonathan. She used Jace as her pawn to achieve that goal. She needed Clary to complete the ritual, and she had been successful by the end of the midsection finale. Jonathan Morgenstern had been resurrected. We don’t know what form he took. Or how he looked. However, in this new picture, we can see that Mama Lilith made him shiny and new. Played by Luke Baines, we will have to wait to find out if this is Jonathan Morgenstern. Or some poor guy he might be impersonating again.

Family Reunion for the Morgensterns

When Lilith resurrected Jonathan, he disappeared, and so did Clary. We know that Jonathan always had an unhealthy obsession with Clary. This time, Lilith also bound Jonathan to Clary. So, it will be interesting to see what Clary and Jonathan might be up for when they meet again in the show’s final episodes. Or are they already together (that’s my theory)? In a recent photo of an upcoming episode, we see Luke and Jace forming a search plan to find Clary.