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Will Ruth Langmore pick a side or create her own in Ozark Season 4

Will Ruth Langmore pick a side or create her own in Ozark Season 4

The fourth and final season of the Netflix acclaimed show, Ozark, is on its way. Fans are undoubtedly curious to see Ruth Langmore face off against Marty and Wendy Byrde. But the most important question rising in every fans mind is: Is she going to have drug queen-pin, Darlene Snell, in her sights too?

Previous seasons

Played by Julia Garner, Ruth Langmore, has been a significant role. Ever since her introduction in the second episode of the series, in the world of Ozark. The viewers have seen her transform, under the guidance of Marty played by Jason Bateman and Wendy Byrde played by Laura Linney. From the reckless and brash teen to a calculated and business-savvy launderer.

In the beginning of season three, we witnessed Ruth cemented as one of the Byrde family’s most trusted allies. As she ran their casino which was used as their money-laundering enterprise.  But it did not take long for the weak walls of loyalty to collapse for Ruth. As she was left dumbfounded by the Byrdes’ failure to respond when Ruth was attacked by Frank Cosgrove Jr played by Joseph Sikora. A man with ties to the Kansas City Mob and thus untouchable in the eyes of Marty,

Rather than killing Frank Jr. in cold blood, Marty just decided to cut all ties with his father and the Kansas City Mob. A response very less than appropriate in the eyes of Ruth. At the final episode of the season, Ruth was seen seeking comforts in the arms of her dear cousin Wyatt and an ironically ‘ruthless’ drug lord Darlene. As she agreed to take Ruth under her wing as a threat to the Byrdes.

Ruth’s disagreement with the Byrdes was not very surprising. It should come as a shock to nobody that Ruth would expect nothing but 100% loyalty from the Byrde family. As she showed utter loyalty to the family when she helped kill her Uncle’s Russ played by Marc Manchaca and Boyd played by Christopher James Baker in Season 1. She was also Marty’s “right hand” for much of Season 2. In which we saw Marty’s employ the Navarro Cartel to kill Ruth’s father Cade.

Ruth’s fate in season 4

Season four seems poised to show Darlene at her most powerful. But it is clear that, unfortunately, Ruth is too strong to just go along with this new deal. She might be appreciative of Darlene’s straightforwardness with things but let us not forget that Ruth also has an attraction for how the Byrdes do their dirty business.

Also, its apparent that she is not a 100 percent accepting towards Wyatt and Darlene’s relationship. It is not the age aspect that weirds her out, but Darlene’s Svengali like hold that bothers her. Which could also be the ultimate deal breaker. And when that happens, once again, Ruth will have to choose her side. But it does not guarantee her siding with the Byrdes again.

Sadly, she does not have many choices at the moment and surely not the resources to go out in the world on her on.

When Julia was questioned about the fate of her character in the upcoming season, she did not want to give the plot away but said:

“Ruth has a really good intuition, a gut feeling, always, like she was always right, and Marty and the Byrdes kind of took over that and she stopped listening to that, and at Season 3, she made the mistake again [of] not listening to her gut, going with the Byrdes, doing all this stuff for the Byrdes, and she’s done with it. In Season 4, she wants that independence back that she had before the Byrdes came in. She realized she was more independent and stronger without the Byrdes. She thought she was going to be stronger with the Byrdes, but in reality, that wasn’t the case. She’s realizing that, and that’s what Season 4 is going to be.”