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Why Are We Obsessed with the Kardashians?

The Kardashian family has successfully taken up almost all of our attention but why are we as a society so obsessed with them?

It looks like one way or the other we are all following the Kardashians. Even if it’s just to mock them for their dramatic lives. Some days, all you hear everywhere you go, or every site that you log into is the Kardashian life update. And the last couple of days has been no different. With Khloe giving birth but her boyfriend cheating on her, Kim Kardashian taking anorexia as a compliment, then Kim and Kourtney getting involved in an open feud.

And Kris Jenner being the mastermind behind it all, we got a bit too many details these past weeks. But it seems like there is no end to the drama that comes out of this family. Kourtney got cheated on by her boyfriend and now is moving on. And both Kim and Kourtney are labeled as irresponsible by PETA for posing with monkeys.

So What Triggers Our Obsession with the Kardashians?

While previously, the ‘Kardashians’ would immediately make you think of a huge family with a bunch of dumb and dramatic, rich spoiled girls and unlimited sex tapes and divorce drama. But our interest in this family gossip has transformed the Kardashians into a multi-million dollar empire and their own reality TV show- Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But do we want to keep up with them?

Everybody out here has a different obsession with them. To some, the show is a complete waste of time. To others, it comes off as mind-numbingly stupid through its unrealistic dramatization of things that don’t even matter. But one thing is common for all of us. Despite all this, we find it entertaining to know what’s next with them. And that makes us so obsessed that these people never run out of business.

Society’s Flaw | Obsession with the Celebrity Life

One reason that we are so entertained and obsessed with this lot is that whatever bizarre drama happens, it’s not happening to us. In fact, we can’t even relate to their problems in the slightest. Unless we have nothing better to do than have a million dollars, scandalize every little move and fight with our siblings on television. It’s our interest and attention that has kept the show going on since 2007. And it’s just us that we are on the blame for this.

As a society, we have become obsessed with tracking other people’s lives. And often turning them into memes and jokes or simply using their miseries for our entertainment. We’ve become more involved in people rather than focusing on our issues. That’s exactly what the Kardashians do and we happily buy.