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Troye Sivan Is Still with Boyfriend Jacob Bixenman

The singer and YouTuber Troye Sivan has shut out dating rumors as he marks the third year of love with boyfriend Jacob Bixenman.

T he popular singer and songwriter Troye Sivan has shut out rumors that he is seeing someone else. And with his latest Instagram post, its pretty evident that he is dating Jacob Bixenman. So, that implies that all those rumors about him seeing his costar Lauv are untrue. But then why did he refer to Lauv as his boyfriend in a post? And didn’t we see some intimate pictures uploaded online? Well, whatever the case was, Sivan and Bixenman are celebrating a three-year anniversary of their love. Looks like the couple made it through all this!

Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman Celebrate Three Years of Love

Troye Sivan took to Instagram yesterday to mark three years of love with his boyfriend Jacob. The two have been going out for three years now, and well, they have been quite a gay heartthrob couple. Sivan referred to himself as the luckiest boy alive because he has Bixenman as his partner. And also expressed a lot of love for his boyfriend in the caption.

Is Troye Sivan Not Dating his Co-Artist Lauv?

Back in January, Sivan took to social media to announce his new song in collaboration with the American singer, songwriter and record producer Lauv. In a picture shared on Instagram and Twitter, the two were seen holding hands and resting on each other. And Troye referred to Lauv as his boyfriend in the caption.

The post immediately spurred dating rumors between the two. Of course, many fans thought it was just a publicity stunt for the new album. But others were conflicted on whether Sivan and Jacob Bixenman broke up.

The Deal With Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman…

Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman have been dating ever since 2016. According to reports, the two even live together. Sivan even recently shared that it was like having your best friend around the whole time. And that LA could often get lonely so one had to build a life for themselves. As far as their dating is concerned, Sivan talked about it saying,

We’re both people who share ourselves online but need privacy and really value close personal relationships so balancing that line of how much to give away can be interesting.

Troye Sivan is an American singer, songwriter and internet personality. He has even landed in the acting business having done some popular works like Boy Erased, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Spud.