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Trace Lysette Is Working On A New Pilot With Devere Rogers

Trace Lysette, the most promising Hollywood trans celebrity is gearing up with Devere Rogers for a quantum leap. She declared that both of them are working on the pilot of an upcoming project. The details, in fact, are still in vain. Trace Lysette tweeted about this upcoming project on her birthday.

Tribe By Trace Lysette And Devere Rogers

The pilot project would, perhaps, be titled Tribe. Devere and Trace wrote own stories because she just doesn’t see herself on TV in the way that she really wants. The planned series will hopefully give satisfaction to the actress. Both Trace and Devere Rogers are planning to establish a production company as they want to handle their pilot project and other workloads systematically. Devere Roger is a Georgian born writer popular for Flow (2010). His writing won an award for short film Ying and Yang (2013). The writer raided LA to develop  3 TV shows. He is re-writing a  motion picture and working on other LA Film and TV scenes both as actor and writer.

Trace Lysette In Colors of AVA

The Emmy winner Shea from Amazon series Transparent, in fact, is also starring in the trans-oriented movie Colors of Ava. Besides acting in the film, Trace Lysette is also the executive producer of the movie. Moreover, another Trans actress Rain Valdez will also join the movie both as a star and co-producer. The most exciting thing about the movie is that it will showcase 10 trans roles all played by trans talents.

As a matter of fact, Colors of Ava is a simple love story which centres Ava, an independent trans woman who is writing a memoir about her fulfilment in life. It’s about somebody who invaded her life. Sam McConnell is the director while the Wayne Mahon develops the screenplay. Julie Christeas will produce the movie under the Tandem Pictures banner.

The Transparent ‘Shea’ Is Busy

In previous years, Trace Lysette remained as busy as a bee. Her most acclaimed Amazon dramedy Transparent released its finale episode on September 27th. This 90-minute-long musical episode bids goodbye to the Pfefferman family. This is the series in which Trace accused Jaffery Tambor of sexual harassment, the actor was, later, abandoned from the show.

Trace grabbed the role from the movie Hustler via a tweeting strategy. It was, in fact, a tweeted post that made Trace won the role.

Later, Trace became the ideal choice for her favourite Lorene Scafaria’s movie Hustlers. The film is about a real-life strippers gang. The group, in fact, scammed the stock traders and CEOs who visited their club. Lysette herself worked at that club, Scores. 

The Pollyanna Star

Trace Lysette is an optimist. She is happy with her earnings. She, even, declared her contentment in an interview. Lysette stated

“I’m doing my best to stay in gratitude and just keep the ball rolling. It has been a challenge but I’m feeling optimistic about where the industry is headed in terms of inclusion. I’m here, I’m prepared, and I’m in it for the long haul.  whatever I and other trans actors achieve will open more doors. I saw it happen with Transparent and I am encouraged by all of the new projects that are coming about. I know good things are around the corner”.