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Tom Holland Surprise Chris Pratt In A Hilarious Interview

It is not the first time Chris Pratt and Tom Holland have shown their brotherly love to each other on-stage. Also starring in an animated movie, Onward, the two are basically close and people love seeing them together. After a failed attempt by Holland to make Pratt confess that he is his favorite actor on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the two sat together once again for an interview. Back then, the new Spiderman desperately tried to get the Starlord to admit he was his favorite actor in the whole world before getting disappointed in the end. This time, however, Chris confesses his love and its beautiful.

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt Are In Love

Wait for a second, isn’t Chris Pratt married to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter? How would she feel about it? How would her father feel about this? Well, this is a story that we can discuss later. Right now, the big news is that we have an official bromance going on between Tom Holland and Christ Pratt. The good part is that Pratt’s wife is “totally into it”. The two sat together in an interview to talk about their latest upcoming movie Onward. The animated movie is a production of Disney and Pixar and tells a fantasy-adventure story. Just like in the movie, the two are also brothers in real life now. Watch the complete interview below:

Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Onward

Notice how Holland and Pratt were holding hands for so long? That is some knee-deep bromance going on right there. Holland reveals that it was Pratt who extended the arm of friendship towards him. He invited him to golf and later they met at a CinemaCon, where the young Spidey did not know many famous people and Chris was nice to him.

Ultimately, it was only one of their hilarious interviews just like any Marvel actors. The animated movie is a fantasy adventure movie about two brothers who want to meet their father one last time after his death.