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Tom Ellis in Lucifer Season 6 to be replaced by Ian Somerhalder?

Tom Ellis in Lucifer Season 6 to be replaced by Ian Somerhalder?

Ian Somerhalder and Tom Ellis, both stand amongst the hottest people in the industry right now. Both their fanbases consist mostly of teenage girls. Ian became famous playing Damon Salvatore in CW’s The Vampire Diaries and more recently, Netflix’s V Wars. Tom Ellis, on the other hand, is better known for his appearance in Lucifer and the series in question, Lucifer.

Would Ian Somerhalder replace Tom Ellis as Lucifer?

Lucifer season 6 wasn’t even confirmed when the hype of the new season started. And as soon as fans found out that the actor’s contract was ending, the rumors started coming in. Speculations of whether he would come back and if not, who would replace him.

Following this, his contract was renewed but soon the news of Tom Ellis having some problems with contract surfaced. A source of TVLine even said,

Everyone wants Tom to be happy, but there’s a limit and it’s been reached.

After this, it did not take long for fans to start rumors that Ian Somerhalder would be the one to replace him and they spread like wildfire. Soon, there were tweets about how Ian would look as Satan Himself, and to tell you the truth, he looked SAUCY! However, Lucifer fans are pissed at the notion of no Tom Ellis. And the website that published the article on the replacement, is getting ridiculed by fans all over the world.

Tom himself is perfect for the role and has pulled off his role perfectly. He has brought a certain charisma to the character and hasn’t disappointed us.

Now, while Ian Somerhalder fans might find it offensive, Tom Ellis’s screenwriter for Lucifer, gave the biggest laugh to the rumor.

We can confirm the news that no one is replacing Tom Ellis on Lucifer, especially not Ian Somerhalder. Ellis saved the show and he is the only Lucifer Morningstar we’d be looking at.