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“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Is Ending After Viewership Falls

After allegations of creating a toxic work environment and mistreatment, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is ending. Since last year, the show’s viewership has dropped massively, leading to its end. Recently, Ellen DeGeneres announced the news in a tearful video.

At the beginning of her latest episode, Ellen announced the big news.

While talking about the future of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host confirmed that the 19th season, which will be on-air in 2022, will be the last. In an emotional and tearful video, Ellen said:

“You may wonder why I’ve decided to end after 19 seasons. The truth is, I always trust my instincts. My instinct told me it’s time. I promise you that we’re going to have a fantastic final season. It will be a season where I truly get to say, ‘Thank You. Thank you all.’ Every day will be a celebration.”

Furthermore, Ellen used comedy and humor to lighten the mood and said:

“In 1997, I knew it was time to come out on my sitcom and live my truth. Recently, I had a dream that a bird, beautiful bird with bright red feathers, came to my window and whispered, ‘You can still do stuff on Netflix.’”

Although the news might be upsetting for the show’s fans, it has seen declining viewership since last year.

In the middle of the pandemic, former The Ellen DeGeneres Show employees came out with severe allegations.

Despite being one of the most famous shows, The Ellen DeGeneres Show had significant problems behind the scenes. It all started when former employees and some guests came forward with accusations against the host. From racism to creating a toxic work environment, Ellen was blamed for all. According to the YouTuber NikkieTutorials, she faced discriminatory behavior on the show. She said:

“Maybe I’m being naive, but I expected them to welcome me with confetti: ‘Welcome to The Ellen DeGeneres Show!’ But instead I got greeted by an angry intern, who was a bit overworked. I expected a Disney show, but I got a ‘Teletubbies’ after dark.”

After these allegations, The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s viewership dropped by 1.1 million viewers. Previously, it had 2.6 million viewers. This decline has really hurt the show makers and the host. Although her show is ending, Ellen will definitely come back with a new project, as she has hinted, most probably with Netflix.