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You Can Now Text Alyssa Milano If You're Feeling Hopeless

You Can Now Text Alyssa Milano If You’re Feeling Hopeless

We all know quarantine has been very tough for everyone, but now you if you're feeling hopeless, you can text Alyssa Milano on her number!

We have Alyssa Milano’s number! But, it’s not for perverts or sexually frustrated people. Instead, it’s for people who genuinely want to talk about their life, and want to be heard. Here’s what really happened!

Alyssa Milano gives out her number on Twitter

As crazy as it sounds, it happened. But, it’s not for finding a partner or talking with perverts over the internet. This is because Alyssa Milano gave out her number as a part of a community. She tweeted a video and said:

Hey everyone, it’s me! I hope you’re hanging in there. I know this is a super hard time and we are all feeling like the uncertainty, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve joined community so that I can share my number with you and maybe we can text each other and maybe we can feel a little less alone during all this chaos. So, you can text me at (323) 396-9923.

After that, Alyssa Milano makes one of those crazy girlfriend eyes and creepily (jokingly) said:

Okay, do it. Test me. Text me now. Hurry. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Here’s Milano’s tweet, where she gives out her number as a part of community:

For those who don’t know, community is an advice line that advises and helps everyone who calls them. According to the one mentioned above, their mission is to:

help people at work, at home, and when life gets complicated. We’re big enough to deliver – and small enough to truly care about each and every one of our members. Wherever you work, whatever you do, with Community in your corner, you’re never alone. This is our personal promise to you.

This is a very positive initiative by Alyssa Milano. By giving out her number and letting people text her, it’ll help many to find a consoling voice in a time of need. So, kudos to her! It’s miles better than the recent controversies she’s been facing.