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Tan France & Jameela Jamil’s Joke At Emmys 2019 Only Brown People Would Get

Hollywood has now become quite a diversified place. There was a time where it was rare for you to see an Asian celebrity on-screen. Now, they’re everywhere! Whether it be Riz Ahmed in the Night of, Kumail Nanjiani in the rom-com The Big Sick, Tan France giving fashion advice on Queer Eye or Jameela Jamil on The Good Place. Hollywood is full of brown celebrities and my brown heart is beaming with pride. So when Tan France and Jameela Jamil made a hilarious joke only the brown community would get, I was laughing my tears off.

So, at the purple carpet of the Primetime Emmys of 2019, we had ourselves an iconic moment. The Good Place’s Jameela Jamil and Queer Eye’s Tan France posed together for a photo.]

While Jamil’s caption was heartfelt, Tan France’s would make you laugh!

The Queer Eye star shared a picture on his Instagram stories with a hilarious caption:

My Mum is somewhere getting all kinds of ideas right now.

If you hail from the brown community, you would immediately know what this is referring to. Whenever our moms see us with anyone from the opposite gender, they tend to ship us. The shipping can sometimes be subtle, but at times it can lead to the moms discussing them as potential future husbands or wives. It’s something we all just have become used to!

Though there would be no shipping in this case since both Tan France and Jameela Jamil is in a committed relationship with their partners. France is happily married to Rob France meanwhile Jamil is dating musician James Blake.