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Something Up With Camila Mendes And Charles Melton Relationship?

Fans went wild when Camila Mendes and Charles Melton confirmed their relationship, almost as if everyone wanted this. The former couple grew a liking for each other during their time in Netflix Riverdale. While the show’s plot does not see them being together for the foreseeable future, their relationship on-set did quite a progress. Unfortunately, the newfound love could not hold up for too long, breaking up after a year only. So, what are the two doing now, especially during the coronavirus pandemic?

How Camila Mendes Dated Charles Melton?

Before getting together with Melton, Mendes was in a relationship with a long-time friend. That story ended in August 2018, something that came after Mendes-Melton fat-shaming comments.  Mendes defended Melton’s comments who later apologized to her for his remarks as well. Since then we did not see it coming until we did.

In October 2019, both of them, Camila Mendes and Charles Melton confirmed their relationship on social media, leading to sharing pictures as well. One of them was where Melton was kissing Mendes’ forehead, a sweet moment that made fans go crazy. There was another news where Melton seemingly made a tattoo of ‘Cami’ on his chest, which turned to be a fake. Nevertheless, both of them were supportive of each other. Mendes even called his man “a hopeless romantic” to Entertainment Tonight.

What Are They Doing Now After Break Up?

It seemed like everything was going smoothly even when the two celebrated their anniversary in October 2019. However, was there a sign when Melton posted his picture with Vanessa Morgan and Madelaine Petsch from Riverdale, and Mendes was in the last? We think! Because later in December, Mendes and Melton reported that they were taking a break from each other. A close source reported that the two have separated for a few months and they are now focussing on their careers.

For the fans, the source also told that the two are still in good terms with each other, probably something to hang on to? Recent updates tell that they both are spending their time in lockdown and practicing social distancing. Melton is keeping things low-key and hiding identity in public whereas, Mendes is being safe as well.

For Mendes, she has found a new love, a puppy named Truffle. Perhaps we will see more of these two than we will with Melton for a little while longer.