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Skai Jackson throws adorable throwback photo

Skai Jackson posts photos from her days working in Disney. Her photos also show Noah Centinwo. A fellow star beginning career alongside.

Skai Jackson is taking our breath away with a throwback photo of herself. She shared an Instagram post recently showing off an adorable self as a child. She posted the throwback photo on her Instagram late last week. And she captioned it:

#tbt Who else can relate right about now?! #StayHome #AloneTogether


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The post got immediate likes and comments. Amounting to 337,000 likes by fans and around 1,250 comments.

The post shows an adorable, beautiful Skai Jackson screaming as a child. And fans have gone nuts in love and affection for the young star. Mostly everyone praised what an adorable photo it is. And how everyone else also feels trapped during the lockdown because of coronavirus.

Throwback with Centineo

Last year she posted another adorable childhood photos. And that time it was with Noah Centineo. “Oh wow,” Skai tweeted on Nov. 7, 2019. And to be honest, we feel precisely the same way about this superb find.

In the pic, a young Skai presents with a gathering of friends. One of whom is unquestionably the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star in his earlier days. Skai is seen to be wearing a baseball top, a top with a coat. While Noah shakes a green tee and retro top. They look so adorable together.


The epic throwback

In any case, how did the two acquaint one another, you wonder? All things considered,  Noah starred in a scene of the Disney Channel TV show Jessie. In 2014. And he played a
character named Rick Larkin. So that is most likely where this picture was taken at. You’ll recollect that Skai played Zuri Ross on the show. We love it when our preferred stars reconnect. Even though they are famous now but back then they had just begun their journey. A journey where they had to make their mark in the industry. And now when people look at that photo it surely gives them nostalgia for the days when they weren’t famous stars. But still were so adorable and people couldn’t stop loving them. Both Skai and Noah have progressed significantly since their Disney days, yet this lovely throwback reminds us never to overlook your beginnings.

According to Yahoo, nowadays Skai is keeping busy with a few voice-acting roles. She has also written a book named “Reach for the Skai”.