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Shane Dawson Twitter Account Was Hacked

Shane Dawson’s Twitter account was suddenly hacked today. A series of alarming tweets surfaced on Shane’s Twitter which had people very confused. The tweets were in a tone that his fans do not associate with Shane in any way.

Dawson’s Twitter Fills Up With Hateful Tweets

The tweets were spewing hate speech, some even racist.

“Germany deserved to win ww2 and that’s on god nigga”

But fans quickly realized that the Twitter account must have gotten hacked. One of them even replied to this tweet:

I’m guessing you were hacked. Please not another scandal.

Shane Dawson recently came under fire when old comments of his resurfaced. Dawson made a joke long ago about having sexual relations with his cat. It was clearly a joke but some people took it seriously. That led to a lot of backlash for the star who had to clear up the rumors. He denied that he had ever done anything horrendous to his cat and it was simply a joke in poor taste.

The hacker, whose identity is still unknown at the time, made tweets about this incident as well:

Shane Dawson Hacked Cat Tweet

Shane Dawson Has Not Responded Yet

He has not made any comment on the issue as of yet, neither on Instagram or Twitter. But it seems like Keemstar is working on resolving the problem.

He’s the one who broke the news of Shane Dawson account getting hacked.

This seems like Keemstar has used this as a bargaining tool in the past. It is crazy how easily hackers can hack into any celebrity account these days.

There was an update on the negotiations Keemstar was doing with the hacker:

We’re not sure who the hacker is as of yet. But Keemstar may be able to figure it out. Shane Dawson has probably heard of the news now and may be working to fix the problem on his end as well.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear anything new.

Shane Dawson is a YouTuber who has revolutionized the platform of YouTube with his unique docuseries style. He has collaborated with famous YouTubers such as Jeffree Star, Molly Burke,TM, and Jake Paul.