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Shailene Woodley Dangerous Physical Health Almost Knocked Her Career

Shailene Woodley Dangerous Physical Health Almost Knocked Her Career

Movie star Shailene Woodley opened up about her physical health conditions that almost ruined her career. The 28-year-old Big Little Lies actress told the New York Times that she was incredibly sick while filming the Divergent movies. She tells that one day she will give detailed explanations of what happened to her, which forced her to drop many prospective roles in other movies. Due to her illness, Woodley forced herself to prioritize health and had to turn down a lot of roles, which she tells, went to her peers whom she loves.

Shailene Woodley’s Scary Health Conditions

Unfortunately for The Fault In Our Stars actress, she could not get supporting words from people around her. Woodley continued to reveal:

“There was a mix of people saying, ‘You shouldn’t have let that go’ or ‘You shouldn’t have been sick. That was combined with my own internal process of, ‘Am I going to survive what I’m going through right now and ever be healthy, or even have the opportunity to work on projects I’m passionate about again because of the situation I’m in?’

Fortunately, Woodley has fully recovered and is doing a lot better now. She thanked God and revealed she is focussing on mental health, which is slowly progressing.

“But because of that work, I feel very grounded and rooted in who I am and very clear about everything in my life, whether it’s my career or my relationships or my own internal worth. I feel very grateful to have walked that line of fire, because now I know what I don’t want to ever go back to.”

Shailene Woodley physical health recovery indeed gave her the boost she wanted, nominating her for two Golden Globes and an Emmy Award as well. Apart from her several TV shows and bigger titles. She has also taken part in The Spectacular Now and The Descendants.