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Sabrina's Twin On The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Where’s Sabrina’s Twin On Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina show indeed became addictive to watch despite its dark and odd deviations from the original sitcom. The original Sabrina the teenage witch show featuring Melissa Joan Hart showcased a young teenage witch just having whimsical and light-hearted adventures. But just as how CW’s Riverdale took a dark turn in Archie’s comics, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina did the same.

Though, by introducing witches and warlocks, they adopted more of an American Horror Story vibe. The reaction of the cast of the original to the reboot is quite a hilarious one! Despite many apparent differences between the original and the reboot, in terms of visuals and story plot-line, the one thing they both share might be the existence of Sabrina’s twin. It’s something that we got to see in the sitcom. And Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hinted at it in a very spooky fashion.

A hint of Sabrina’s twin on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

One terrifying scene which you definitely would remember from the reboot is in the very first episode. Sabrina is in the bathtub washing off the curse the witch world’s three sisters cast on her. During her bath, she’s suddenly transported into the middle of the woods. The young witch goes further into the woods to figure out what just happened. Following the sounds of weeping babies, Sabrina comes across a blanket.

The pictures show the feet of two babies; one healthy and cooing, the other unhealthy and crying. This was definitely hinting at twins, but it wasn’t clear whose twins the show was poking at. The entire first season didn’t mention anything regarding any possible sibling Sabrina might have except for one scene in the 9th episode.

In “Chapter Nine: The Returned Man,” Sabrina travels to a mortal limbo to rescue Tommy Kinkle. During her time there, she sees her mother, who utters these words:

“They took my baby after the baptism.”

If Sabrina is still here, then she must obviously be talking about Sabrina’s twin. One should also acknowledge that Sabrina Spellman’s family in this reboot has a myriad of dark secrets. Sabrina’s father sold his daughter to the dark Lord in exchange for marrying her mother. And the mother got her secretly baptized in a Christian Church. Yeah, and we thought we had family issues…

But all this begs the question: Was there a twin in the original Sabrina The Teenage Witch?

Yes! Remember the Evil Twin on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 

In fact, the revelation of Sabrina having an evil twin was a major plot point for the first season. For Sabrina to obtain her witching license, she has to figure out a family secret. It’s similar to how the modern Sabrina has to solve that puzzle her father made to be able to learn more magic in the Academy of the Unseen Arts.

The original Sabrina finds out the dark secret that there’s always a twin in the Spellman family, and unfortunately, one is always good and the other always evil. Now, remember the chilling scene in the reboot when the modern Sabrina follows the weeping babies?

It All Clicks Together!

So, folks, we’ll probably find out about Sabrina’s twin in the next season. However, there’s no official news that any show creators or cast have given us yet. But it would undoubtedly be interesting to see how they introduce the twin and what traits they give her. Maybe the show creators will add another twist and keep the modern Sabrina as evil?

However, Sabrina’s modest and humble nature in Kiernan Shipka makes it really hard to imagine her as evil. She’s the protagonist we can all root for, as we know our hero will do whatever it takes to bring down the Dark Lord himself. The determined Kiernan doesn’t portray a naive witch either. Her character knows full well how everyone gives their blind faith and unflinching loyalty to the Dark Lord. So, it will be incredibly hard for her to take the big boss of evil, but she’s more than determined for it. And with the twin being introduced, it’s not too crazy to assume that Sabrina’s twin will also be a significant hurdle. Who knows? Maybe the two sisters will end up fighting the Dark Lord together!

Let’s see what happens next in season 2! We’ll keep you updated on any news we find on the mysterious twin.